10,000+ floor in the Gauntlet Slayer Edition


Hello, fellow Helldivers and Gauntleters,

Since I have managed to set a world record RS kill score in Helldivers, I have come today to inform you about the crazy 10,000 floor in the Gauntlet - Endless Mode.

It’s not my achievement! The person who managed to do it, it’s a steam user nicknamed "Siopilos"

Unfortunately, Siopilos couldn’t make the post by himself. He asked me to do a favor and post it for him. According to Siopilos, it took him nearly 1 year of life:


Holy shit :open_mouth: Sio!!! :gauntlet::gauntlet:

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That is amazing! Kill screen coming up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, playing with @Lein and a couple of random helpers that joined we finally made it past Floor 50 just recently. Made it up to Floor 67 before our demise.
Getting all the way up to Floor 10,001, I can’t even imagine the game continuing to scale up difficulty how things would be on the Lava levels.

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20.000 floor soon!
I am on 18k right now but due to huge time of portaling (at least 2 hours) I prefer to play others games.


If the gameplay isn’t any more challenging after a certain point, there really is no reason to keep going deeper is there? I mean aside from leaderboard which stops showing counts above 8000 something regardless.


I do not run these marathons for Leaderboards since they are bugged. My challenge is to survive these marathons (weekend event) without fail, meet some new/old heroes and try to braking my own records. My personal record on a marathon run is 700 floors with 50.000 kills and my aim is 20.000 floor.


Wow, in those screenshots it certainly looks like difficulty / mess of enemies keeps scaling up even past the floor 150 or so I have gone so far.


20.000 floor! This game is so much fun!
Thanks all Heroes for support me on this run!

My very last portal :slight_smile:


Wooow! Haven’t seen anyone else this dedicated!
You must be holding a total world record by now :grinning:

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This is extremely impressive!
And also makes me a bit nervous…

To quote one of our programmers upon learning this: “I would have bet money that the game would have crashed before that point.”


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Thanks all for you kindly words :slight_smile:
@YOPG Maybe will be great to change the title to 20.000+ floor since i am already on 22.000 and heading for 30.000 ^^