3 Years Later

How are you celebrating the 3rd year launch Anniversary of your favorite twin stick co-op shooter?

I decided to spend time to edit and upload a new gameplay video

Gotta say, whether playing or editing or just watching. This game is still as fun today, 3 years later, as when I first got my hands on it.

For Super Earth


Ahhh, so true, this game is amazing!
I’ve spent some hours today liberating those disgusting Cyborgs from life!

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Yea, 3 years post-launch and for me it’s just as much fun as day 1. Nothing quite beats four hilariously squishy troops taking on the hordes of hell, one accidental at a time. I’ll probably be getting right back to helping the new recruits out again, keep the vids comin’, cusman!


Glad you are still at the videos, I certainly have enjoyed the ones I’ve watched…Nice work!
Seems HD commands a sizable player base, didn’t have much trouble finding a game last night:sunglasses:. May we play for three times three more years, and continue to find it challenging and rewarding.


I can continue uploading what I play just for entertainment but in terms of using variety of loadout options in various Hell Dive scenarios, I think I already have all that well covered in my back catalog of already uploaded gameplay videos. There are also a number of other people uploading quality entertaining gameplay routinely so I don’t feel there is a vacuum to fill :slight_smile:

That said, I do have to balance amount of time it takes to edit / upload with the free time I have =_=

Most of my free time I would rather just play more than spend it editing & uploading :stuck_out_tongue: