[3rd anniversary] Helldivers released on March 3, 2015 :)

Helldivers’ 3rd anniversary of release on Sony’s console platforms is just weeks away – technically, that will be Saturday, March 3, 2018.

Think we’ll get something? Nothing? Sort of something? Sort of nothing? :thinking:

You guys remember any of your anticipation before the game released back then? I was excitedly reading about it in 2015. I gave up on consoles after PlayStation 2, except for handhelds. I had no intention of getting a PS Vita but after reading about Helldivers and hearing from some console gamer friends after release, I eventually got a Vita just to play it.

The odd thing in retrospect is that I was sooooooooooo excited about exosuits. Thought I’d use them all the time. And the idea of jump jetpacks sounded wonderful. Ultimately I almost never use them at all. :thinking:

I don’t regret the Vita per se, I just wish both that Sony had reprogrammed older PSP titles to take advantage of Vita’s 2nd thumbstick and back-swipe features – stuff like Killzone Liberation and the squad-focused Socom Tactical Strike would’ve benefitted – and that Sony hadn’t essentially abandoned Vita as platform while NS Switch ran away with the handheld platform sales and audience.

But I enjoyed Helldivers enough on Vita to be very excited when the PC/Steam announcement dropped in from out of the blue, like a Helldiers evac aircraft appearing when you thought there was no hope at all. :heart_eyes:

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It would be awesome to get a little something, but i have my doubts. We’ll be waiting till Liberty Day for new stuff i think x3

I never got the game until early 2016 on PS4 but unlike alot of games Helldivers is a game I always come back to :two_hearts:
And i’ll be playing it alot more this year since I drafted my partner unwillingly into the Helldivers program several days ago :smiling_imp: Shes a bad shot, but it beats going solo all the time by miles! :laughing:

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March 3, 2018…not too long to wait to find out for sure, B.!
Personally, I’m holding out for a direct fire heavy weapon that can take on the titanic enemies, or the “Elite Marksman” DLC in some facsimile, which I posted on the DLC thread recently.
However, I would like to believe that something is in the works. Judging from your previous post on AH hiring, they just may have enough staff to bring something out.

I wouldn’t expect anything than the new outfit like last time, we usually get something “bigger” in Liberty Day (Friday, October 26, 2018) last time it was 3 new stratagems:

So Sort of Nothing, or Sort of Something.

Pessimists… :disappointed::grinning:

Haha, to be fair, as a person in life in general, I’d consider myself a pessimist.

I know someday they’ll have to stop making stuff of course, but as to whether that’s this year or many years to come, I have no idea. I’m aware of that reality, but I’m always very appreciative of new stuff. Whether it’s something I’ll frequently use in-game or not, I really like seeing Helldivers getting attention from players and especially Arrowhead.

That said, I’m still pretty much where I was at when we were talking about what might happen on last year’s Liberty Day. Although we have a lot already, more cosmetics wouldn’t be bad—especially things to go with the faction capes (particularly Illuminate Negotiator). I like those capes a lot (battle torn capes are awesome), but not much goes well with them.

The problem is, We as players want more and more stuff for our favourite games, but I don’t really feel like we need anything else, we have already everything what we could dream about in Helldivers.

I would like to see huge bug/glitch fix updates these days than by simply adding new stuff and people will still want more.

It’s better to leave product polished as much as it is possible. I know not many people will agree with me, new stuff is great, but we can’t leave bugs/glitches behind, it’s the biggest problem for games.

@Lein The Veteran armour set goes well with torn capes :3

@YOPG when you say it like that you are right. Game does have everything you need for a great gaming experiance! Though im still holding out for a MBT vehicle xD (not gonna happen)

Either way, its great to know arrowhead still cares for the game. Its a wonderful game and plays well. Its time for the devs to work on new titles for future players.


Yeah, I agree. Gameplay-wise, we have a lot. I have a hard time trying to come up with new ideas that are actually practical. I don’t even hear of many, actually.

Most ideas I hear involve changing how the game works or something extremely major (like adding a whole other faction), or making objectives that wouldn’t work in solo play—or at least work differently (like having multiple people do something simultaneously), or perks that aren’t stand-alone benefits and require you to bring certain stratagems in order to be useful (a perk that changes Rumbler shells to smoke rounds or something, I don’t know, lol), or stratagems that can reach futility (like something that makes you level up faster and is worthless to a rank 50).

Ideas that make sense (at least to me) in the game as it is and I can vividly imagine them being in the game and working well are quite few and far in between. I often end up discarding my own ideas for the same reason. I really like what Arrowhead did this past Liberty Day where they took ideas and elements that were already in the game and just recycled them for the most part.


Even bugs/glitches too really. I’m not even sure what bugs there really are left that need fixing. Glitches exist, but ones that actually hinder playing (e.g. off-map Survivors) seem to be so rare that they just end up adding humor.

I mean, yeah, we can pick up a Black Box without having to go one-handed if we use a specific setup and execute strict timing. We can drive out of bounds or over mountains if we’re actively trying to clip a corner and happen to succeed (those being an accident are very rare and even then it’s usually just a harmless “Wow” factor). We can have someone get taken away on a shuttle while the others have to call another one, and so on.

Every game is going to have glitches, but at least in Helldivers I think it’s very difficult to find ones that are actual problems as opposed to simply being possible.

But hey, bug fixes are always cool too.

@Universae Oh, haha, no I meant color-wise. I don’t even see the scratches on armor when I’m playing. I was actually expecting someone to make the classic and obvious suggestion, “Volcanic Armor + Cyborg Peacekeeper” which is why I had to specifically mention the Illuminate cape (and I don’t think the Ceremonial armor looks that good with it). Plus, my point isn’t that nothing works.


Yes, frankly I do wish we had more variety in the color options of the outfits.
Not that I think the bumblebee motif is necessarily bad, but how many combinations of black and yellow are really all that unique?
I wish there was a color pack, whereby one could change the bright yellow on the weapons to green, red, or even just all black.
I played for a while with the veteran armor and the torn cape, and truly, the armor appeared in-game as simply another variation of black and yellow.
Probably this is why I see the volcanic as such a breath of fresh air.
I then went through a phase of trying to wear as little yellow as possible, yet the outfit was too visually jarring, even with the many different types of capes.
Lately, I’ve given up, and have accepted my junior bumblebee suit.

You can find a lot of bugs and glitches thread somewhere on this forum, I will add a link to my thread somewhere.

Most of bugs and glitches are in my old thread “[UPDATED AGAIN] Glitches/Bugs in Helldivers [STEAM]” I try to keep it up to date and add more bugs if I will find any. Since I can’t record, it’s very hard to show most of them, but I always try to screenshot or GIF them.

I would like to see most of them if not all fixed, even if most of them are really hard to encounter randomly on the battle, also they are a few of them that really needs to be fixed even though they might be fun to use like Hammer/APC/HAV + black-box glitch (You can get in a vehicle with a black-box and use primary weapon while carrying black-box)

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Oh yes, I know about those threads. I honestly wouldn’t mind at all if benign ones like Vehicle + Black Box + Primary stayed. There’s almost no way to come across that accidentally and isn’t harmful anyway. Now… stuff like Cyborgs spawning out of the RS area are fixes I could actually appreciate. That one isn’t benign, doesn’t require effort and actually isn’t rare (unlike the survivors glitch). There’s a couple that I think would actually be worth fixing, but most of the better known ones are pretty harmless.

Stuff like this or being able to destroy Cyborg AA just by walking into it with a mech I honestly just don’t care about, and I think the vast majority of players don’t either. But then again, I am but one person, so who knows. haha

Indeed, these are harmless and no one cares if we use them, but sadly, even if bugs/glitches are funny/good it needs to be fixed. I would be really sad if they would fix a few of them, but they shouldn’t ever exist.

By the way, you used vehicle to get here right? You don’t have LIFT, you will die after you move! :frowning:

I did, and yeah I died afterwards (or quit?) but it was for a good cause!

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I don’t want to make you sad, but it’s better to be upfront about it. We don’t have plans for any new releases this 3 year anniversary for PlayStation.

We have to focus on the new things we’re working on and unfortunately can’t continue to highlight every anniversary. If we have the chance to celebrate, we think it’s better and more fun to focus on Liberty Day. It’s a holiday that’s universal with Helldivers players, since PlayStation and Steam don’t share the same release anniversary day.

Since it’s a Saturday though, I hope many of you have a free day and the chance to run a few missions. I might try to come on myself a little if possible :slight_smile:

:helldivers: :hd_bugs: :hd_cyborgs: :hd_illuminate:


Understandable and good to know. It’s what I figured anyway. I prefer to set expectations low and just be pleasantly surprised when something good happens.

Thanks for the heads up, Wingfrog.

Its the 1st of March, not the 1st of April! D:

In seriousness thats fair enough (:
Helldivers is an amazing game and I cant wait to see what epics you guys are working on now :smiley:

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As I suspected, yes fully understood. No worries, we will wait haha! Take your time and focus on the next game that will hook me even more than Helldivers for the next 5 years.

I’m certain that all of us HD players can find our own inner peace by bringing democracy to unwilling aliens via our favorite firearms.
Until Liberty Day then!:smiling_imp

I hope the next game is gr8