50th war

Such a big number! 50th war won in 15 days, faster than I expected.

I hope we will make it to 100 one day! Meanwhile, I just hit my 1000 hours played in HELLDIVERS™…


Congrats on winning the war and on 1000 hours played !

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Hmm, I wonder if you are playing on PC??
If I recall correctly, average accuracy on PS was 44%.
Maybe PS has more beginning players, or maybe it is as some observed, that the PC version is more precise?
Last war had some very challenging moments, in a good way. Thanks again AH, for an excellent game.

Yes, I’m on PC.

This is my first “multiple of 10” war, and it looks pretty legit. It’ll be a sight to behold when we reach the big 100 as well. Who knows, maybe by then, those of us who haven’t fallen in battle for our democratic cause will be retired and swapping heroic war stories over Liber-Tea.

Congrats again on the thousand hours, YOPG.

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1000 h on war 50 itself is pretty sweet timing! :slight_smile: