85 soldiers in one mission (RS)

Hell Dive Retaliatory Strike on Snow vs Cyborgs using DBS-2 ‘Double Freedom’, LIFT-850 Jump Pack, and EAT-17 with All Terrain Boots Perk.

Played with Anteater, craiglongstaff, and Napoi on Steam.

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I try to be open minded regarding the vagaries of game design, but any game that requires over 80 callbacks to complete is positively screaming for rexamination.

It all depends on the team, the loadout, the mood. The mission where we had over 80 callbacks was fun.

So was this one where we had total of 2 callbacks

It is certainly possible to consistently complete Cyborg Hell Dive Retaliatory Strikes without any deaths if that is the focus of an experienced team with a decent variety of loadouts. I mean there are people that can solo those missions without using AT-47.

Ultimately though, all that really matters is whether you are having fun, sustainable, renewable endless fun. For me, this requires playing with wide variety of loadout choices as well as wide variety of different players I can encounter in the game.

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Indeed, one’s definition of fun is one’s own. I have noticed in my own play, that it is an unusual player who dies in double digits without having their feathers ruffled, however if they view it as fun, then so be it for them.
Personally, I find that large numbers of callbacks disrupt the flow of the game. A game can be both challenging and fun with low to moderate death counts. I know this because I have played such missions more than a few times.
Yes, loadouts have considerable impact on how one approaches tactics, which is actually a good thing, because this both demands and allows for different styles of play.
At this point, I play mostly solo missions. RS missions hold little appeal, because I enjoy the challenge of successfully securing objectives. Perhaps this is due to a rather traditional military mind set, which is objective oriented. I know other players have a completely different perspective, so who knows?
Anyhow, I do watch your videos, and I enjoy them. Thanks for posting them here.

I play with all kinds

  • Those that tend to try hard not to die themselves
  • Those that tend to sacrifice themselves to try and pick up a squad mate
  • Those that tend to not really pay attention to how much they or their squad mates are dying

The way I play myself probably changes based on whom I am playing with more than my loadout choices. Things I like using most are things that enhance the feeling of cooperation.

Glad you enjoy the videos. Maybe we will run into each other in game someday and play together.

Wow and I thought my record of just over 50 was good!