A better & fair proven grounds award system

I have a good idea you might take it into consideration.

Liberty day should be celebrating the game and the players, Helldivers fan base is one of the most loyal fans I’ve ever seen. Giving rewards only for the ones who climb high in the leaderboard is not a good gesture. As we all can see cheaters will cheat and you can do nothing about it. Also, I believe every loyal fan has the right to claim the rewards (all proven ground capes), after all they are still playing the game after 4 years of its release.

my suggestion is

9 proving grounds missions.
- 3 for each race, each one has 5,9,15 difficulties.
- when finishing each difficulty the player is immediately awarded the assigned cape for
that difficulty.
- NO NEED for the leaderboard thingy. it’s not fair.


Complete agree. Three for each race isn’t necessary, but the capes for everyone who succeeds is definitely better, not to mention some player are multiple times on scoreboard, therefore blocking others from getting the capes.

Not to mention that sometimes even if you do it all it doesn’t count your time.

Lol so a participation award. Sounds very millennial. I dunno why people care about these capes so much. I agree though the proving ground award system was hacked from day 1. I would have preferred new weapons, new stratagems, and the ability for the host to select which stratagems/weapons they do or don’t want others to use in their missions (for instance no rumbler, trident, static field).

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I don’t agree for 2 reasons:

First, for the capes themselves, AH obviously intends to make the new 9 capes rare. Just like their motto “A game for everyone is a game for no one”, I shall say a cape for everyone is a cape for no one. It’s this rarity makes the new capes unique, they are something similar with medal, proving that you are a true PG expert, wearing them can make you feel proud. But if it’s unlocked for everyone, just like Cyborg Peacemaker, perhaps the reason you wear it is just its color is quite special. And then, this will make PG awkward, I don’t think you guys will try the second time after you get the capes.

As for me, instead of conditions or modifiers, PG’s being unique is because of leaderboards. Leaderboards turns PG into a speed running game, and this will affect the strategy you choose. In normal missions, everything you do is to finish the mission in the biggest probability, but in PG, you are to create records, which means risky actions are permitted. For example, in normal missions all players will call their gears as soon as they land, but in PG this is stupid since it’s just wasting time, an apparently better choice is to call gears only when waiting for protecting launch pads. This is risky, if you meet two behemoths this run is over since you are completely bare at the start, but in order to create record, this is a must. Luck, gamble, and restart are the basic components for record creating.

Don’t you guys think a speed running PG is quite exciting and enjoyable? Unlike normal missions, route in PG should be carefully and accurately planned, you’ll be eager to learn any advanced skill if it can improve your record, in about half a month all you think is if there is a better method, and any subtle mistake you make directly announces game over. There are even no guides for it, since it’s changing among campaigns, every Proving Ground requires its unique skill thus there are no versatile rules. Don’t you guys think this is an ideal and perfect mode for vets who want challenge?

But all of this is based on no cheat on leaderboards. Developing or renting an anti-cheat system seems impractical for AH. Because HD is cross-platform, landing on both Steam and PSN, using Steam’s VAC system can’t help PSN fellow helldivers. What’s worse, no anti-cheat system (at least for now as I know) can detect hardware macro automation.

But there’s still a solution I think is feasible for AH. Although we can’t prevent players from cheating, we can verify the results. A recap system, like in Blizzard’s war3 and sc2, allows it to record the whole game in a tiny size of file. Thus the records can be verified manually, by AH stuff or all helldivers if you publish them in game. This method requires an update for the game engine thus needs tons of work time, since AH now is focusing on the mysterious new program I guess they will not be willing to do this.

If all efforts to eradicate cheat are proven to be no vail, then I have to agree to abodim87’s approach. Sadly we have to sacrifice the pleasure of PG in order to make fairness guaranteed.

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I would again propose anonymous quantiles instead of displayable leaderboards.
For me helldivers is pretty much both anonymous and social. I almost never play with my steam acquaintances on purpose, though i do recognize certain nicks in freeplay. But most of the time i dont know a single name in “heroes of the federation” tab. Therefore for me being on some name list in a place where most of the group doesnt know me is quite pointless.
What isnt poinless and is quite rewarding even for an average participant is using his quantile - an amount of results bested by his result divided by an amount of all current results. Say, you did better then 78% submissions to the result board. Therefore it doesnt make sense to be 1st or even 10th best in whole results group because you will all fall in anonynous quantiles. It even makes sense to merge everything in the proximity of 100% into one to avoid first place races.
Anonimity and full collection of submissions would allow to find irregularities in results distribution and judge trustworthyness of the results based on that. Because there is no open leaderboard, even if you can somehow do in-game time and space magic, it wouldnt help because you cant do a “bit better then best trustworthy” maneuver - you have no info whatsoever on which result is legit and cant even know if you did overshoot - you just fall into "cape winners"cluster without knowing if you accidentaly took the first place with a suspicious gap.
Such system may even include average player prizes for getting upper then, say, 65% and 80% results for one-time per war research sample bundles.

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Having a built in demo-file system would be amazing actually, but it really is a lot of work!

In order to not have the file be several GB, you have to record only every event that isn’t predictable, like a player firing a gun, and for that you have to slave away through the codebase to see what is and isn’t predictable!
It’s a bit similar to the networking system, and some games can get away with just recording and replaying the network packets, but that means you have to “have a server running” at all times in order to record the network packets, even if there is nobody to send them to.

An alternative way to do this, and maybe save some space, is to take keyframes, (snapshots of the state of world) every so often with events happening between them, but with this you get issues about the legitimacy of the demo-file, since the keyframes will always take priority over the events; say you shoot a tank with a pistol, the event would say it did no damage, but you overwrite it with a keyframe where the tank blows up, then you can say it was a lucky shot or something.
The only way to disprove it would be to ask someone how the game works, and they will tell you 100% this is fake.

But even after all of that, you need to build a test system that tests everything in the game, to make sure that every demo-file will always play out in exactly the same way.
And that means that either demo-files will not work between different patches of the game, or that you have to keep a record of all balancing changes still in the game, and make sure that each demo-file will use the damage, speed, health, etc. values from the same patch that it was recorded on.

So yeah. A lot of work.

Why moan about cheating then do it yourself 11 seconds to do illuminates pg. Explain how when the shuttle takes 30 seconds?

Thats what you mean by suspicious, lol, and I thought u were just being paranoid until I see the high scores myself, yeah, that’s really not normal at all.

See it, it will answer your question.

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cn cheater…