A few question's

So out of all the game’s out there that made me go “shut up and take my money” Helldivers is at the top of my list. I have it on ps4 and pc (that’s some dedication right there). But I would like to know a few things.

  • Other then Liberty day are we going to get any content? I really like helldivers and I remember way back when dlc was still being pumped out and I was always filled with excitement. I hope to feel that excitement again some day.

  • If there is no new content going to be made other then for Liberty day then (here it come’s) is there a helldivers 2 coming out? I know people will most likely say we don’t know but dev’s if there is no helldivers 2 in the work’s just keep in mind that 85% of the time you make dlc I always go “shut up and take my money”

That’s all I really want to know. There have not been new game mode’s for years and though I do appreciate every Liberty day we get free stuff but I still would like to see new content as in new game mode’s. Like the boss battle’s, that was a hole new ball game and I like it. I like to see something new in regards to new game mode’s if possible.

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We can’t really answer your questions, but we can say that we are very busy with our new project, so don’t expect a ton of new content to be released any time soon. Saying that, we do try to celebrate special occasions and still release patches for various bugs :slight_smile: As always any news about our games (new and old) will be announced on our channels, so it’s best to keep an eye out there.


I think making a HD 2 would be a great step, because first Helldivers is the most succesfull game you made so far. Buuuut honestly, I don’t except it from you. According to some tweets, you are propably working on whole new project. But whateva… If it will be another ballshaking arrowhead-style co-op, Im willing to buy it :stuck_out_tongue: Or atleast in sale :smiley: [insert: poor student intensifities meme]

Hey @Zero_ZX
I’m very glad to hear your dedication! As ForeverAPeon stated, we can’t say so much about your questions until any content/new titles are officially announced, but in these two threads there were a couple of similar discussions with our Game director/CEO:

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