A suggestion: end monorace phase faster

Hi AH, during the last several campaigns I think you guys (and all of us) might have realized: a single race phase can last for too long in a campaign. If the amount of players keeps smooth, once a race is defeated these players will squeeze into the rest so the campaign can be naturally ended. But now, this hypothesis seems not so true: players can simply be afk until the next campaign.
For we experienced players, fighting illuminates for a month is boring enough to discourage us from continue playing. For new players, there will be one or two months they cannot unlock new gears, and this can be lethal for their passion to the game.
Also, I don’t think simply reduce the amount of influence needed for illuminate can be a good idea. Here is my suggestion: once a race is defeated, multiplies an exponentially growing factor to influence contributed by the community, so the single race phase can be guaranteed to end very soon and there is no need to make illuminate special.
Of course you are the professional, but I think there is one thing we both will agree on: once the other two races are defeated, the campaign need to be ended as soon as possible.



Ive been experiencing a similar problem. I finally convinced 3 of my friends to play Helldivers. We all got the game and were ready to spread some democracy.

We started something like 3 weeks ago, and we are still fighting the Illuminati race. The galactic campaign just doesnt end. We couldnt get any of the stratagems that are only available on the other systems. So we are kind of stuck on an endless loop of doing not only the same race but the same missions.

I wish there could be a way to fasten those times. If after a couple of tries we dont conquer, we end the war or at least open up some other systems also. For example, after failing to invade a homerworld some other system try to rebel and conquer something back? I dont know if that makes sense.

We just want to enjoy the game to its fullest, and at the moment, it just feels like its locked-away content on the hope that enough players connect, to hopefully get acces to the rest of the game.

Thanks for listening! :smiley: