A suggestion of new maps / missions for Helldivers


Hello Team Arrowhead, Firstly I would like to congratulate you for the excellent game that is Helldivers. Secondly I would like to suggest a new type of missions / map in the game. The new type of map I thought of is a water map where practically the whole surface of the map is water and there would be some islets along the scenery. Divers would be able to swim, but there would always be a ship waiting for the players at the place where he would land at the beginning of the mission. Some strategies made exclusively for this map would be boats, amphibious cars, jetskis, water mines (there would be some water mines dotted around the map, players should be aware of this) and a network of hooks that slows down enemies, as well as wire bearded Some of the objectives of the map would be located on the islands, others would be unique to the water, such as finding and retrieving the black box of a ship, firing a torpedo at an enemy base or looting a caravan of enemy ships. I have some hints of enemies for these scenarios, such as an insect that would be one of those “spiders” that would walk on water and some sort of giant leech. For the cibogues I imagined submarines, ships and cyborgs sharks, for the enlightened I thought in creatures that would make swirls to disrupt the course of his boat.
And that’s my suggestion for this cool game that is Helldivers.
From now on, Bruno Costa.


Would be pretty cool to see in a sequel.


Will this game have a sequel?


Who knows?
Lots of stars need to align, but it’s not impossible…
And if it does happen, it better blow the first game out of the water ;D


Water map idea is cool. But i really hope arrowhead made some kind of (co-op) campaign DLC.