About game crashing

I want to broadcast with this game, but I can’t

What does it have to do with OBS?

The game crash when you launch and use OBS? That’s strange I have used OBS in the past and it worked properly with HELLDIVERS.

Can you share a more detailed message describing your problem and your PC specs?

My spec

CPU Rizen 3600k
GPU Gtx 1660 super
ran 16Gb

and when I download OBS first try it work but now I only run HD It doesn’t work…

I don’t know if this is an OBS problem or not.

the error message say “encoder problem”

It’s most likely outdated GPU drivers, update them.

already I try update but still crashing.,

I have found this article, maybe it’s going to be helpful.

They got them back online people enjoy the games again…:sunglasses:

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