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To start of this thread I’ll post some of my cosplay and prop pics to inspire any creative Helldivers.

Both are galleries that have a lot of pictures of both my EXO-44 ‘Walker’ and Mk5 Tactical Helldiver cosplay.

Feel free to ask how I did certain things, I’m happy to lend a tip.


how were you able to make such a detailed costume? were you able to find 3d renders of game assets? I would like to make my own costume but did not have enough time to make it for Halloween but i want to make it for next year.

I took a lot of reference images from the asset’s creator.
I never did any 3D printing, I made everything from eye.

This is a really good reference for the tactical armour, there are other renders of the other armour sets on their DA.

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Um, I would totally buy one of those costumes with the gun! Seriously those are amazing, would you actually make some to sell for a price???

I would for sure buy one of these for almost any price! These are amazing!!!