About the New Recruits category

Welcome new recruits and potential divers! Introduce yourselves, find diving mentors and ask beginner questions.

Here are some useful links to get you started:

Guides and Resources
Want to read up on diving tips or feel more prepared for your first mission? There’s plenty of guides here to help. Don’t forget though, experience is the best teacher! You can always jump straight in and read up on more advanced tactics as you go along.

Find a Fellow Diver (mentor buddy system)
Here you can speak to a veteran diver who knows the ropes and maybe join them on some dives. Remember, they may be able to protect you from bugs, but they can’t protect you from yourselves!

Ask a Question (for new recruits)
Feel like you want to ask question but scared it’s too newbie? No worries! This is what the thread is for. No question is too silly and it’s great to give you all the information you need.

Don’t be shy, we welcome all new divers to join our ranks.