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Posts which normally make the best points are ones which are thought out, logical and well written. We can’t do much with replies which just say “I hate the dogs, remove them”.

Take time to think about your reasoning and explain why. Why do you hate something? Why do you think that it should be removed instead of tweaked? What would it be replaced with to add fairness and balance to the game?

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  • add “Reinforce times” on the Mission Success page, (save the teammate’s life is important)
  • add “Level 15” on Event Difficulty, it’s only lv. 3, 6, 9 & 12 now.

Hi arrowhead, I apologize for my grammar and even more so I’m translating, I’m brazilian and I don’t know english.
Guys I would love to know if you could add more achievements to helldivers, because only fan of it get achievements and many friends of mine also the most difficult.Thank you all.