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Tactical Observation

When attacking Illuminates, one of the best stratagem choices is the MG 94, at least at my level of play.
While not of stellar accuracy, the MG is capable of long shots on Hunters off the map, has the power to defeat Illuminate shields, and does well against the Tripod bots.
The main drawback to the MG is an excruciatingly long reloading time. Invariably, my character is on the verge of death with every reload.
The MG has proven itself to me against all levels of Illuminates, with the possible exception of the Great Eye.
I find the greatest issue with the Illuminates to be their shields, one needs either very powerful projectiles, or a lot of them. The MG has a good magazine capacity capacity to deal with shields.
I often see higher level players abandon the MG in favour of more sophisticated Strategems, yet I find it a solid choice when facing the Illuminates.