I’m glad you are excited about the saber Viking. It is available in the Proving Ground right now, so get in there and swinging! Just to clarify: it will not be available as a loadout option for standard missions.


Thank you for the update, cant wait to try them all.

So proving ground is only available when a city defend is happening? Am I missing where it is?

Available anytime by using R1 on controller from Galactic Map screen (before you select any faction).

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Yeah thanks cusman, eventually I figured it out. Does it ever get harder? Or is it just those same three levels?

They rotate every war. So there’s always new challenges and modifiers, different map-layouts, and different enemy+difficulty combinations, but they then stay fixed throughout a Galactic War.

Only thing that always stays the same is the tileset (i.e. Super Earth City map).

The 15 in these is definitely easier than the 15 in main game, but the challenge comes from loadout Conditions (constraints) and the Modifier which can both help and hurt. Furthermore, the real challenge in this mode is really more on the Speed Run nature of it with elapsed time based leaderboards and the cape rewards to top squad only (3 per War).

Just feels like a slog after the novelty wears off. Didn’t feel very challenging. Only thing that I really liked was everyone is handicapped and can’t load in with rumbler trident combo ad nauseam. I wish I could do this for the missions. It would be nice if the host could set load out parameters so I don’t have to kick people for coming in with load outs I don’t find enjoyable or challenging to play alongside.

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Playing in darkness should have been available for standard missions.
That’s a shame. :disappointed_relieved:


Why no standard mission sword?
Edit: seriously this is like taunting me you add the sword and everything but dont make it available everywhere and it’s not like you have to worry about range you have your secondary for that just run around pistol patrols then pull out the sword for real threats or dont and have more stuff to beat to death with a sword either way I want this in normal gameplay, add a description of something like “only the truly brave or mad bring this to high threat situations” or something I dont care gimme sword


I think everyone was sad that you could not use the sword in regular missions but still quite a fun update with a loadout system, now i wont forget my old loadout cause i was messing around.

Can we give some feedback about the update on this topic or is better to open a dedicated thread?

Everything is near perfect, except one thing:

It seems something makes lag… the mission results screen (!), when the stars are awarded.

The checkmarks for each star (and the death count) are A LOT slower to display than before the update (it happens on all platforms). Look at these videos:

With “Dive Harder” update: (at 4mn33s)

Before the update: (at 16mn06s)

Well, now, we really have time to see which teammate died the most! :kissing:

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I would trust that the devs have some balancing reason for not introducing the laser swords to the base campaign game (at least not yet). It’s probably one thing for them to test/balance a few Proving Ground missions with new weaponry; probably entirely something different to do that with the entire base game. If they ever finish the Legendary Secret Next Game, perhaps after vacation they’d have time to do something of that nature? (testing some new things that impact the base campaign play).

And I dunno, if melee weapons become Primary weapons instead of secondary, I’m not sure how much I’d enjoy watching other player stab-stab-stab-waka-waka-waka with their laser swords every second. The game might turn into a hack n slash instead of a twin stick shooter.

My own feeling is if they introduce a melee weapon as a primary or maybe an exosuit with melee blade arms (a suggestion of mine in the stickied Steam forum suggestions thread), it should be more of a temporary, limited-by-fuel-or-energy type weapon dropped in via stratagem pod. That way people could have some laser sword/light saber type fun (or have fun using a melee-blades Exosuit), but it wouldn’t entirely take over the game and turn it into a melee focused game.


Cool stuff but I hope you guys make the sword available for the whole game, I’ve wanted a sword since the game released and now it’s just teasing me :slight_smile: Making the anti armor gun encampment do damage to itself at close range has forced me to stop using one of my favorite stratagems/strategies, you can make up for that by getting that sword to us ASAP :slight_smile: JK love you guys and all that you do…but I needs that sword in the entire game.

I’d like to see the Night Mode in the campaign as a random effect. I mean, it’s very cool, the flashlights keep it from becoming “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, and it gives the game a fresh coat of cosmetic paint without impacting gameplay balancing.

I’d still like to see some pew-pew-pew laser bolt type weapons instead of beam weapons, but maybe it’s a moot point. :slight_smile:

Clearly this means that The Secret Project is…A Hagar the Horrible Game, with a Swedish Twist. :dagger: :smiley:

Will we get Viking Helmets too? :hd_tactical_helmet:

While I do agree these are sensible concerns, I dont think it would be that much of an issue. As long as the saber would be close to, or just equaly powerful as, the bayonet it would only serve as an ‘extra challenge’ weapon like the constitution. Not to mention that melee is often not an option/a bad idea when faced with enemies such as the berserker, butcher or just larger amounts of enemies poking you.

That said, Id suggest making it underpowered anyway, just to emphasize that you generally want a reliable ranged weapon. I think the novelty would wear off quickly once people realise its almost impossible to prevent scouts from sounding the alarm.

The problem here would me mixed groups. I might love playing with the sword, but if I pick that as my primary and you roll with the trident I’m either going to be in your direct line of fire or useless (most likely both). The reason it works in PG:s is that everyone has the same fixed loadout.

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Id say that ties into the general trigger discipline every helldiver eventually needs to learn.
Considering the amount of shotgun to the face Ive experienced, this is already happening, with or without sabers.
Besides, because of the ranged advantage, you will often kill enemies long before the saber guy gets even close to them. And if we talk situations where the enemy managed to close the gap, then this is actually a situation for the saber to shine.

Edit: Also, secondary weapons that perform somewhat like a primary weapon can be used as part of a ‘serious’ saber loadout to offset its flaws. MG-94, FLAM-40 and TOX-13 come to mind. Same goes for the sidearm weapons.

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Just like you made the Constitution rifle a normal primary for missions - could you maybe add the sabre as a primary/secondary for normal play?
It seems like a nice roleplay/challenge opportunity.

Overall very happy with the update.