Are Arrowhead contact emails confusing?

Hello everyone, I’d like your help! We are reviewing our contact addresses and looking at how they are used, if their purpose is clear, and how our players/audience react to them.

I have a fun ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) poll I would liek you to answer if you have time. There are no right or wrong answers, and this information will help us decide if we need to look at rewording or changing our addresses in the future. Leave any additional thoughts you have in the comments :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: these may or may not be real questions I have encountered.

What email address would you use in the following examples:

  1. Help me Arrowhead! I can’t rebind my gamepad buttons, what do I do? I’m constantly cape spinning and it’s making me dizzy!
  1. I hate Helldivers, but I love Magicka! When are you going to make Magicka 3?
  1. I am a big time streamer. I have OVER 9000 subscribers! I would like some game keys to give away to my fans. Please can you give me 9000 keys for Gauntlet?
  1. I saw you are hiring lots of new people for your secret project. I have really good coffee making skills, and can totally do all the art and all the game design and all the programming! Please hire me!
  1. I want to stream your games to my gaming channel which is called “NeverGonnaGiveYouUp”. I’m confused about your streaming permissions for your games. Can you help me?
  1. I love The Showdown Effect so much I am getting a tattoo designed especially for my right eyeball. Is it possible to get some artwork or assets from you to base my design on?
  1. Hi Arrowhead! I think you guys rock. I just wanted to say that. That’s all :slight_smile:
  1. I’m a student at the school of life. I think it would be really cool if you gave a talk at my school to get all my friends interested in working in the game industry. Are you interested? Can I put you in touch with my teacher?
  1. I’ve designed an AMAZING game I think would sell better than all your games combined! Read my 100 page game design document and tell me what you think. I’m expecting an answer tomorrow.
  1. I have played 10,000 hours and I still hate your game. I want a refund.
  1. What was your inspiration for Magicka?
  1. Hello, I am an aspiring community manager, I would love to ask you some questions and get tips on how to get into the industry. It’s really hard to try and keep everyone happy all the time :frowning:
  1. The Illuminate are a really cool enemy, but why are they so annoying?
  1. Will you be making more DLC for Magicka?
  1. The wizard in Gauntlet always falls through the floor on level 123456 :confused:
  1. I heard your next game was going to be a cross between Tibetan crickets and a curling simulator. Is this true?

I dont know, that sounds pretty great to me


Sorry to hear you may get number ten’s :frowning: In my experience you should just never ever seek out a dev with your “ideas” etc unless youre actually employed by them then its a different story.

There’s not so many of those, and I appreciate the enthusiasm most of the time. It just sucks to be the one to tell people we can’t do much about that, but I do try to help them by giving them game design doc templates and suggesting publishers who do accept pitches :slight_smile: