Arrowhead... can you please end the war already!

We are on day 52 I believe and it is just dragging out. People aren’t playing the illuminate. We fight and fight to get to the next planet only to log in next time to see it went back a planet (or two). Is there some way to just end the war if the last faction isn’t progressing. Let’s say after a week if it’s not steadily progressing to just end it so we can enjoy the game? I am literally spamming boss fights to get influence so the war can end. But I just about lost it a half hour ago when I saw it just go back a full planet. Please… bring the borgs back!!!

I dont know what has been changed. But the war against illuminates is never ending. I enjoy fighting the bugs and cyborgs. And after a 6 weeks I only get to play them for a week or two. Then i need to spend weeks fighting the stupid illuminates just to get back to fighting bugs and cyborgs. I can see almost 500 people are on illuminates, usually bugs and cyborgs has 250 or 350.

Arrowhead if u read any of this stuff, you have broken my favourite game!!! Please fix whatever you’ve broken that has made illuminates absurdly harder and more drawn out. Can’t you see everyone wants to fight bugs??? Why force us to play against illuminates for a month. I can see im going to have to find a new game soon.

Arrowhead didn’t have change anything. Illuminates have always been a harder race to fight (even prior to the New Hell update), and most players suck against them.That’s the main reason why most players do not like to fight against them.

Dive Harder update brought back more players to Helldivers, and Bugs and Cyborgs are conquered even faster than before, leaving only the Illuminates to fight.

And Bugs and Cyborgs being ridiculously easier in comparison, players do not like having their butts kicked by Illuminates.

Cheap tactics and coward loadouts are no help against them: static field and mines are useless, Rumbler is not as efficient, etc.

Illuminates Walls and Snipers are a constant threat, Outcasts are harrasing, fast and clever, Council Members are powerful in short range AND long range, etc.

I already wrote a post about why Illuminates are the best race in Helldivers (Current state of Illuminate), but I can’t prevent myself to do it again when I read this kind of post.

As always, when failing against a true challenge, players find easier to blame the game than blaming themselves or try to improve.

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This isn’t meant to be a whine against illuminate, or any of the races. The best race is what each diver enjoys playing. The point of this is if ANY race is dragging for weeks, my opinion, is to stop the war. That’s just my opinion… I see after my post it went downhill and the illuminate are now at super earth. I think we are on day 56 of the war now. That’s ridiculous. So… it doesn’t matter if the last race is bugs, borgs or the illuminate… it shouldn’t drag out for 56 days. In my years of playing this game, I can’t recall it being this long except for the last war.

Fair enough.

War against Illuminates is dragging for weeks because I think (it’s just a theory, based on my experience with this game), the difficulty increases/decreases depending on how evolves the Galactic War:

A) Bugs and Cyborgs were cleared rather quickly, so there was a difficulty bump against Illuminates. After thousand hours of mission time, I’m still surprised when some missions have an insane increased enemy spawn rate (even in 10-12 difficulties). A lot of difficult objectives on the same map too (like 3 “Perform Geological Survey” and 2 “Escort Resource Convoy” on the same mission!)

B) Then, the difficulty decreases to help winning the war. A few days ago, we were in that state: a lot of missions with only “Retrieve Power Core” and “Escort Survivors” objectives and a LOT LESS enemies on the battlefield. It is very common to reach the extraction point without having cleared the “Exterminate” objectives, and being stuck… And it’s even difficult to trigger the alarm in order to have some foes to kill!

C) Finally, if the war is still at stale, “Defend Capital” events happen a lot more to push back Helldivers to Super-Earth and make lose the war.

Add to this that a lot of players quit to not play against Illuminates (or suck against them), and the result is 56 days of war.

Im pretty sure most the folks that play helldivers are acustom to challenges and enjoy overcoming a challenge. This is tougher than average game, lets be honest. The illuminates suck because they are not fun. Bugs and cyborgs make me feel like im in starship troopers world or some kind of terminator remix. Its awesome fun!
I dont play games purely for challenge, else i would be a chess master, it must be fun!!! or else the challenge is pointless.

I’m a lvl 50, i feel that ive pretty much mastered the game mechanics and many strategies, but do not enjoy playing the squids, not because they are “too hard”, rather because they just are not fun. The number of folks playing in illuminates is higher than any other race… 500 when i looked last night… yet we just lost the war… i feel arrowhead have been tweaking with the settings to engineer this loss, and perhaps push people to fight against the squids… perhaps in hope that people will reinvest in 33% of the game.

I would like to hear from a dev or someone from Arrowhead… have you guys been messing with the squid settings between releases that has caused the squid war to become excessively drawn out??

If i have to wait 6 weeks between playing my fav races then this game is about to get the boot. Sadly another game, death by update.

Hi guys,

We have not made any changes that deliberately prolongs the war (against the Illuminate or any other race). The longer wars are mainly caused by more players participating in the Galactic Campaign now, compared to before the Dive Harder update.

That being said, we of course want the wars to feel engaging so if they drag on for too long or go stale we will try to address that as best we can. We are keeping an eye on this now!