Arrowhead is 10 years old today! ★ check out the game cakes!

It’s incredible!
It has passed in the blink of an eye, as well as half a lifetime for me.
So grateful, happy, proud and joyful about being part of this journey. Cheers to everyone who has shared it with us in any way!

THANK YOU everyone :heart: :heart: :heart:

Gotta share this wonderful piece of art that our @ortsmor made for the day!

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I love the detailing and the amount of creativity that is put in the creative. I once saw something similar to this on infographics.

Also, Congratulations guys! I am new to this forum but hope to stick until we celebrate the next decade together.


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I think this thread needs the amazing cakes that were made for all our games as well :yum:


The Gauntlet cake is missing a Necromancer! Details… but I forgive you for not putting my the most played and the most favorite sarcastic character. :smile: :gauntlet:

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