Arrowhead Reopens Offices (Nov. 5 tweet)

Arrowhead Tweeted Nov. 5 it had recently re-opened its offices (in-person):

Here in US, my company has chosen to remain full teleworking for now. May be permanent more due to so much of our staff now residing in other countries or other U.S. states. Probably only 3-4 of us now are in reasonable commuting distance of our offices, where our lease expires in March 2022. So it’ll be interesting to see what my company chooses to do.

I’ve still only seen in-person one coworker since March 2020, and he was just stopping by my place a couple of times to borrow my office security door pass. :slight_smile:

I probably have dust balls the size of hay bales at my abandoned-since-March 2020 cubicle now. :slight_smile:

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Just a coda on my note about not seeing any of my coworkers. I met two and one former coworker for lunch outside a couple Fridays ago at a nice restaurant. I think I talked too much, but it’s been a looooooooong time. :slight_smile:

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