Arrowhead was 9 years old last week! Check out our cake :O



@NoodleBoots took on one Hell of a challenge and decided to bake us a special cake for the special day. Check this out, it’s impressive :smiley:

There’s more images to come of the party in a blog post later this week, for now this is a sneak preview. It was too good not to share!

Bonus points for people if they guess what it is :joy::joy::joy:


10/10 Buggo Approved
Happy birthday Arrowhead


It’s a bug master! I want bonus points. <3
Was there something special inside bug master, eaten Helldivers? I wonder how @NoodleBoots made “dirt” around the boss on the second picture.

Happy Birthday Arrowhead and Happy Birthday Helldivers in a few weeks!


Hive Lord spitting image, right down to the teeth: :sunglasses::hd_bug_warrior:


Looks like a delicious Hive Lord to me, too.
Are those candles or strawberry candy?


It was pink fondant! :smiley: One melted a little bit when we later put candles in xD


Inside was a swirl of pink bug guts (raspberry cream), but having little Helldivers parts inside would’ve taken it to the next level!! The sandy “dirt” was made from crumbled Lotus Biscoff biscuits :slight_smile:




Happy Birthday! :arrowhead_white: