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Do you want some tips about applying for art jobs? Want to know where the inspiration for enemies comes from or what our artists’ favourite games are? Maybe you are curious about what our artists do here, or how long it takes them to complete a task, or what an average day is like? Ask us anything!

What is this “Ask A Dev” thing?

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There have been rumors you’ve been working on a project that utilizes first-person perspective. Has it been a challenge for your 3d artists to increase the fidelity to work with such a close perspective?

Is there anyway of seeing some concept art from your Helldivers production?

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I agree concept art would be cool

I’d love to know if in Helldivers 2 (or even the current one if there’s still a healthy player base) the community could create their own armor cosmetics and turn it into a modding workshop.

Sony isn’t opposed to modding with the introduction of Fallout 4… Per-say… But modding helps extend the lifespan of a game and lets the community get creative.

I think that the engine used for Helldivers does not fully support modding, which is why there isn’t any. I don’t know about the tech side of things, but as a guess it’s not likely something which will change as it probably would require too much work to get modding to work in Helldivers. Correct me if I am wrong!

Yes there is! I have gotten permission to share concept art with you guys! These are all really old and made by the artists working on the project at the time. I was the only artist who only did 2D but we all did concepts. These are quite embarrassing for me to look back at and admit to be the creator of, but they bring up fond memories so I am happy to share them with you(note: I only have access to a small amount of our concepts, but perhaps others will be able to fill in later :slight_smile: ) :

Starting with Super Earth

The thumbnails and final concept for the Helldivers base ship. Pilen told me one morning that we needed a concept for the base ship. He wanted to replace the one that was shown in the teaser trailer with something more detailed and closer to the other Helldiver objects. We also needed it for the intro which I was working on at the time so he asked if I could do it, and I happily took on the challange.

Civilian houses and industrial buildings. I remember that this was a very unexplored area for the game at the time. We had no idea what Super Earth looked like on a ground level at the time, so I got the chance to come up with a few ideas. All of these early sketches were later replaced with a more realistic design.

Helldiver armor customizations. We did not know how many we wanted to do or what they were going to be called, so I had very little to go on for these. I ended up looking through what other games were doing and after some referencing and thinking, tried to push out as many as I could think of, with a megaman and samurai extra which I knew was never gonna pass, but were just for my own fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Volcanic Planet. We got notified during a morning meeting that we needed concepts for our next planet type for an upcoming DLC, so we took a day to sit down and do some environment concepts. The next day we met to show and talk about what we had done, and this was my small contribution to that.

And now to the more exciting enemy bosses!

Cyborg boss. These came about quite the same way as the volcanic planet. We had found out that we were gonna do bosses for the factions for a DLC(Yay so cool and fun! I love bosses!). We spent a day or two for each boss and then threw them in the review pit where we all sat and talked about them together.
My contribution was some kind of amalgamation of Starscream from Transformers and a Warhammer Dreadnought.

Very cool idea from one of our other artists

Bug boss. This one was especially fun since I’m such a big fan of bugs and had a tarantula and scorpion at home hehe. My contribution was inspired by that.

Our other artists did a cool antlion queen and lobster king concept.

And lastly was the illusive Illuminate boss with power and technology beyond our understanding.
In my contribution I was experimenting with how much the organics versus the technology was in power for the final boss.

More cool stuff from other artists!(I hope we can get them to fill in what they were thinking)

That was all that I could get a hold of for now!


So the support helmet IS Doomguy from Q3A!?

Haha not intentionally no.

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Keep up the awesome work! Loving these!

Welcome to the community dude! :smiley:

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I love the cyborg Warhammer Dreadnought, it would be even better than we have now. Siege Mech is the easiest boss and can be killed in 4 mins.

Boss on 2 legs could have much more mobility than Siege Mech. It would be more challenging.

Very cool, it’s great to see some concept artwork.

Side note: the forum only allowed me to give this 1 like :roll_eyes: i feel this needs looking into because surely there should be an exception here :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I agree, I can’t give this one post enough likes either

THANKS for sharing this concept art!

Great peek behind the veil. Like like likety like.

Duuude, that Commissar coat though! Oh man I wish that had made it into the game (I guess taking both the armor and cape slots—which I’d be cool with).

You can also see a few more Helldivers things in Oskar’s portfolio, found here. He’s not with us anymore, but he has some cool work.