Ask A Dev: Art Questions




As a fan of helldivers, and a concept artist, this thread is gold! thanks for sharing guys.


If you had any specific questions for concept I’m sure @ortsmor or @Papercut could help out :slight_smile:


Well the modualrity of the levels always seemed very interesting to me, how did you do the concepts for the modualr levels?
And how did you guys manage the art-production of a cross-platform release? I realize that’s a very broad-level question but am just curious how that sort of production is handled.




I can answer the first part of the question regarding the concepting,
we didn’t do concepts for modular pieces of the environments, but focused on how the environments would be visually interesting and distinguishable from eachother. We had the planet types as topics for the concept briefs.
The modularity was a collaborative effort and the artists who built the environments used the concepts as inspiration rather than blueprints. We didn’t have a lot of concept work for the environments at the time, but used singular key concept pieces for some of the environments. Someone else might be able to talk more about the approach on modular level production and the optimization process for multiple platforms.


ortsmor answered the first part, but I wonder if @Centipede @NeverShift_McDouche or @Tantor could chip in?


the cross platform production of art was… interesting
we did all art for the PS3 platform in mind and then for PS4 we replaced all effects with more advanced ones and added a lot of lighting, casings … extra stuff, but we didnt have many assets that were more polygons
and for PSVita we made simpler effects, removed lights, casings, shadowcasters and such but here we also replaced some of the art assets for assets with a lower polygon count
we also did do many many … many… passes of polygon optimization for our assets to find a sweet spot where it was low poly enough for PSVita and PS3 but still looked good on PS4 so we didnt have to make several different versions of all enemies and such
textures were also scaled in size depending on platform

most of the stuff that changed between platforms were effects, textures and lights. Its a time effective way to make a game pretty and something thats easy to scale up and down. When doing a game its easier than you think to keep the polycount down if you really want but maintain a decent quality, which is great since thats the most time consuming part to do multiple versions of.


thanks @Centipede, for sharing that info. Yeah I am trying to do a small cross-platform with our app and I have had to take a similar approach,
primarily because of the the minuscule team-size. 3 people !!!


Not sure that i picked the right topic to ask in, but ah well, i couldnt think of any more relevant.
My question is what does cape #5 in Helldivers do? Others are obvious - #31 and #32 are Community capes and #24 is Tutorial scarf. Is it some personal one-of-a-kind cape or is it just unused for reasons of some kind?

-thanks a lot


@CornMask can you give a name for it? It’s easier to know which one you refer to ^^


There is only one community cape, but I’m sure you meant developer cape. I’m wondering where did you get the numbers from.

I have never seen you before, so Im assuming you are new to the game. There is a Admiral Cape and its unlocked at 50 rank, there is also a Ceremonial Cape unlocked when we defeat all enemies.


Thing is, cant tell its name because it is not available (presumably) in game without app memory modification. The numbers i mentioned are the cape id variable values. Most of them stand for capes available for a generic account in Armory, but those i mentioned are not.


Wow! That’s a really good find, I didn’t expect that. Can you wear Tutorial Scarf as well? But I can clearly see why is not in the game. Cape doesn’t really fit on any Helldiver’s armour. Another theory, maybe it was early Community Cape.


Hmm, we are having a look at this :open_mouth:


So the cape was a good find! There wasn’t any super special reason for it - it was most likely just a prototype of a design we forgot to take out >.< Anticlimactic or what?! Haha


What was the reason for not allowing players to proudly wear the Tutorial Scarf? ;D


If it really looked like a scarf (instead of a cape), maybe it could be a fun little winter holiday season reward item or something. :grin:


I guess i can give an answer to that. Scarf has some heavy clipping with certain armors - most notably, any with tactical scarf included or other stuff buldging on the back of the neck area.


P.s. I guess it still could be a nice addition to lv50 unlocks. At that point, i guess, one is quite familiar with all the glitchery helldivers can provide with and would not sport silly looks (and even if so, that would be a really low percentage of playerbase).

P.p.s. @ForeverAPeon, thanks a lot for finding an answer:3 Yeah, it is a bit anticlimating. My best guess was Pilestedt’s unique cape - which could be expected with liberty day meaning in mind.