Ask A Dev: Design Questions



Thanks for the insights! :grin:

While I understand the Secret Project will remain conversation “non grata” perhaps for years to come, I sincerely hope it’s a PS4-only game that’s not held back in any way by cross-console-platform compatibility concerns, and of course as basically a PC-only gamer (my Vita is mostly dust-covered and I gave up on consoles after PS2), I’d hope the publisher would greenlight a PC/Steam version maybe later as with Helldivers. :sunglasses:

While I’d be tempted to say “PS4 Pro-only,” it doesn’t really sound like the mass playerbase will all move over to Pro enough for any sort of Pro-native game release to make financial sense.


Plz not make screen split AH :stuck_out_tongue: if I want to lie as a bloody corpse for half the mission I’ll play Alienation