Ask A Dev: Public Relations and Community questions

Ask us about anything marketing, PR or community related this week!

Do you want to know what marketing we do, compared to our publishers? Or what you have to think about when releasing a game? Maybe how our roles differ from those directly in production? Or what tasks are involved in managing a community? Ask us anything!

What is this “Ask A Dev” thing?

Every week we will feature an ongoing Q&A session from an area within Arrowhead, called “Ask A Dev”. It’s a chance for you to ask us questions in the weekly pinned topic (Art, Programming, Design, Marketing etc.).

Due to contracts and confidentiality agreements, we may not always be allowed to answer some questions. However, there’s no harm in asking and we will try and answer as best we can!

Why did you chose to make a forum and not a Discord?? <3

A forum was the first obvious choice for us, but we aren’t ruling out a Discord channel in the future!

There are already a couple of great Discord channels available for our games, so we didn’t want to disturb those communities and take members away (Arrowhead developers hang out in those too!).


Noice noice! Well I really hope it eventuates in the future. :hearts: ps these forums are actually pretty swish but still it aint a Discord…

I’ll have to check out if there are any cool integrations in the future. Discourse is very nice and we can do a lot with it :slight_smile: But if you have any forum feedback, don’t forget to let us know in this thread. It is appreciated!

I like using discord but given the choice i do prefer forums. Even with multiple channels discord conversations can get diluted among other posts and if its busy you can miss a topic entirely but with forums its so much easier to follow and find relevant conversations as new topics usually start a new thread and any contribution you make to it is linear regardless of time.


I think that’s why we were set on having a forum to begin with. I personally am part of a few Discord groups and the conversations move so fast where you reach a number of people.

We wanted somewhere for our developers to hang out with you all, but they also need to be able to follow the conversations and join in when it best suits them and their work flow.

At this time I don’t think Discord was useful for us because it would have been impossible to keep up with the conversations. It’s not very forgiving in that way.

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In regards to your new game: Will you have the freedom to release Merchandise / OST for it this time or will it be dependent upon the publisher?

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*Please note that the Magic 8 Ball is not a reliable source of information. It neither confirms nor denies your question. In fact, I think Magic 8 Ball lie to everyone. One told me that I would have a Ferrari when I grew up. I do not own a Ferrari.


I think what the Magic 8 Ball meant to say was that this question cannot be answered at this time. Personally I’m hoping we can do something because I know from past games the merchandise has always been popularly requested :slight_smile:


If we can organize a crowd source to send you a Ferrari, can you guarantee that we will get to buy some Arrowhead merchandise? Figurines, Coffee Mugs, T-Shirts, Capes, and more Capes, and other cool stuff? From Helldivers, Gauntlet, Magicka, etc?

Discord is good for LFG, let’s play, in the now back and forth communications that will soon be lost to cyberspace.

Forums are good for more organized better categorized deeper discussion that happen between users possibly over time and posterity of those discussions to stay relevant and available for reference in future.

Except when knuckle heads decide to upgrade forums to strip away most of what made them good discarding a ton of contributed content in the process like was done to Playstation Community forums.

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I got a marketing question:

Why gaming companies do not share theirs informations about theirs current projects? Why is it so sensitive topic? Does that affect you marketing goals? What would happen if you told people what you are exactly working on? Would you have lower money income?

Maybe @NeverShift_McDouche or @Wingfrog can help answer this?

We’re not sure what the merchandise situation will be the next time around, but we keep the topic open.

I still have some interest in continuing to look at our options releasing a few Helldivers items too, but frankly we haven’t had the people and time to dig into selling ourselves, and all that comes with it.

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Maybe a collaboration with someone like fangamer would make it easier?


I would like to ressurect my old unanswered question, which I am very curious about :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is every upcomming (unreleased) game secret and what would happen, if game studio announced it too early?

Probably that’s why its unanswered @Vali :stuck_out_tongue:

Sooooo… the marketing secret is, why it is marketing a secret? :smiley: That makes sence.

This is actually a good point that I hadn’t really explained properly and accidentally confused people about! Sorry!

Arrowhead don’t really do marketing as a developer. As publisher it is Sony who do the marketing. Of course we work with Sony together and discuss marketing, but that is generally more on their side of things. It’s the same with all our other games - they’ve all had publishers who take care of the marketing for each of our games.

Arrowhead do try to do our own PR though. To clarify, this is for the studio as a whole - not for just one of our games. PR would be considered as representing our company at industry shows, going to schools to give lectures and maintaining things like our website and forums :slight_smile: Anything that can be considered “Arrowheady”.

I’ve changed the title of the thread to reflect this.

@Vali we can’t really answer this as we are not the specialists on this topic. Personally I don’t know a lot about it. I can try to dig up a few games industry articles I’ve seen which kinda answers your question though! :smiley:

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