Ask A Dev: Random Questions



I’m curious, why is the Static Field Conductor considered a red (offensive) stratagem? Seems more like a green (defensive) stratagem to me. Even the announcer voice (at least in English) says, “Defensive stratagem incoming” or “Deploying defensive assets.”


My first question is, why is there no green stratagem orbs? The defensive strats just have blue orbs like support.
My second question is, under names like cusman’s and YOPG’s there is this, leader role for lack of a better term, what does this mean and will we probably see more of them in the future?


I can answer the second part about the badge under the names!

This is to show the recipients of the community cape, and for new recruits to recognise that they can go to these people if they need help, have any questions or anything else that they may be too shy to ask straight out in a post here.

I will be making this more clear in a detailed post in the forums soon. Sorry for the confusion, in hindsight I should have posted it first :slight_smile:

Edit: Here is the post.


Okay thats really neat, the people who have it deserve it!


I like the little tea-cups you have added. It is subtle but very appropriate for fans of Helldivers.


The old office was getting cramped. Here the air is better, we are more healthy, there is a bathroom free at all times and all of that basic stuff. That said, the best part is the areas where we can hang out - paint miniatures, play Nintendo Switch on rooftops (intended use, according to the trailer) and clean our rifles and axes.


What are the Arrowhead people enjoying most when playing their Nintendo Switch on rooftops?


Oh, another question: What’s in the Black Box? (Helldivers objective)


I think its always empty :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Obviously, those are the Plans for Arrowhead’s Super Secret Project. Too bad we can’t open the Black Box. :slight_smile:

I’ve meant to point out that Tom Clancy’s The Division has an almost exactly same mission objective – You pick up a ‘black box,’ can only use your pistol (there I don’t think you can use an SMG while delivering) while carrying it, you’re extremely slow while carrying the luggage and deliver it to a 'station. I laughed the first time I did that, thinking, “Wait, this is Helldivers!” :slight_smile:


Don’t I get a badge? :slight_smile: I know I don’t actually wear my Community Cape in-game; it’s just the bright blue Ceremonial Cape ( has been way more useful to me in terms of being easier to pick out my Helldiver onscreen. :slight_smile:

Even though, as they say:

I don’t need no steenking badges! :grin:


I see that you have a badge next to your icon - can you not see the green cup? :o


Mario Kart seems to be the easiest game to get everyone* in on after work, but there’s definitely been some Arms matches and a salmon run or two weaved into the mix!

*everyone who dares facing a blue shell head on.


The green Tea-Cup on your Avatar is your Community badge. If you want to add text of Leader next to your name, you can do so by going into your profile settings and choosing Title to display.


So, how many of you at Arrowhead play any tabletop games like Warhammer or Bolt Action? If any what armies!?
Personally I play Iron Warriors and Black Templars in Warhammer 40k.


I didn’t see the cup earlier; now my cup vision has been restored! Thanks! :slight_smile:

“global edit, pin, close, archive, split and merge, more likes”

mind blown :crazy_face: I’ll try to restrain myself… :grin:


There are 10-ish people who are into Warhammer to various degrees. There was a big hype train when 8th edition came out that got a lot of people going. I myself was dragged in with the promise of having my models painted for me (Necrons btw). =P

Personally I love Malifaux. A skirmish game in a steampunk, gothic horror setting that uses cards instead of dice. I only have one other guy at the office (or in my life) to play it with unfortunately. Been thinking about pushing harder for making it a factor when recruiting new people…


Hey man, me and my twin brother (who also works at Arrowhead) play Space Wolves! Thinking about going for Alpha Legion as well in the future but we’ll see :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello there! I came with another interesting question,

Why Helldivers was so dark then? Almost like a horror twin stick shooter.
Now everything seems to be more family friendly.


@NeverShift_McDouche or @patrik.lasota perhaps?