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My bet is the announcement trailer came before the devs added the “coating/sheen” of humor and satire aspects - which remind me most of the attitudes in Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop (the funny TV ads in particular) and Starship Troopers (gleeful gung-ho and cheeriness of the troops).

That gave us the cheery launch trailer:

What’s interesting to me is the grimmer announcement trailer seems more in line with the grimmer take of my “Helldivers Insurrection” spin-off idea. I had trouble injecting cheery satire into a “Super Earth has fallen, the Helldivers are disbanded” plot :smile:


I play Dark Angels and have been thinking about putting together a MK III Iron Warriors army :slight_smile:


Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck, or a thousand duck-sized horses?


What guns are the SMG-45 ‘Defender’ and SMG-34 ‘Ninja’ based off of?

Unlike the AR platform including the Liberator, Justice, and Patriot which are seemingly based on an expanded and further developed SA80 line, they don’t seem to have any “modern” Old-Earth counterparts I know off the top my head.


AFAIK, the side receiver design for SMG’s originates from the first combat-tested one, the MP18.

However, even if the MP18 was revolutionary for warfare, the design was very unwieldy with its large capacity ‘snail’ mags. Ironically, for an advanced Super-Earth in the future, they thought extended mags on the SMG-34 ‘Ninja’ was a practical design… Now, I don’t mean to question the engineers back on Super-Earth, but this is a reason why receivers were designed to insert magazines at the bottom of the gun back here on Old-Earth.

I’d like to know what the design inspiration was and perhaps the reason as to why that one over a modern Old-Earth gun? With the prominent bullpup designs in the Helldiver arsenal, I’d assume all the SMGs would’ve been designed with the grip itself acting as the magazine housing.


I’d say the Ninja’s reasonably close to some variants of the H&K MP-5 SMG (flip this blog’s image, and it looks very similar to Ninja’s silhouette, including the curved magazine - sans Ninja’s ‘non-functional’ suppressor):

Sort of off-topic, but if they added another SMG, I’d like some riff on the The Kriss Vector SMG, which is my favorite weapon (SWAT Class) in Killing Floor 2. It may be Too Op for Helldivers though. :slight_smile:


I have wondered if the Ninja was based on the MP5-SD, an integrally suppressed variant of the H&K MP-5’s since their silhouettes are similar. However, the Ninja is designed with a side receiver and leads me to assume it’s the Defender internally modified for a larger caliber, losing mini-stun in the process and has an integrated suppressor for kicks.

Continuing off-topic, I assume the Knight is the closest to your fix for the Vector but with a drum mag instead. Although I doubt your assumptions since it takes a lot to earn the OP title especially for Helldivers; it has overcome its variety issue with lots of inbuilt mechanics that makes everything at the very least useable. Not saying it’s perfect but I’d dare to say it’s better than most.

I’d prefer they add a new LMG though. The Stalwart is the only LMG and I’d love to have some sort of an M60 ‘Justice’ variant to make the LMG category not soo lonely.


Maybe @Fjollper knows this?


The Ninja is a mix of MP5-SD and Sten gun :smiley:


In my mind, it’s a tea set.


Probably cards and chess for survivors to play in Bunkers :slight_smile:


No, no, no - the design plans for Arrowhead’s secret project are in the black box. Right under our noses! :nose::blush:


Hi.I think it is considerd offensive bcause in reality it shocks the enemies. Stupid reason but the only one i come up with. :slight_smile:


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Here are some random questions about remakes / reboots

  • How do you feel about remakes / reboots of classic games for new generations of gamers?
  • Which classic game from your past do you wish someone would remake / reboot?
  • If you could get the license and funding to develop it, what classic game / franchise from the past would you like to remake / reboot yourselves?


@Sigurd_Cesar @ZombieMagnus @emil.englund perhaps for you? :smiley:


And the wind did whisper ~Night Dive Studios~ <3 [edit] omg omg I just checked their twitter and they teased Forsaken one of the all time greatest multiplayer games to exist. I wrote about it even on my blog as the top 3 retro games for me personally.


I like them, remakes more than reboots probably but both have their place. It’s deceptively difficult to pull them off though. We get a lot of bad remakes because the devs aren’t willing, able or permitted to actually put in the effort to truly update the game to a modernized version of itself. Thus you get things like the new Secret of Mana remake. A game that would take A LOT of effort and skill to create a good remake of. But they basically just tossed the game into a 3d engine and remixed the music. The shitty AI, unintuitive combat mechanics and frustrating UI remains more or less the same.

I got one of my reboot whishes fulfilled with the new XCOM-games. I maintain that XCOM 2 is one of the greatest strategy games ever made.
I think the big one for me now is Dungeon Keeper. Although I also think Shinys old masterpiece Sacrifice deserves to be revived and could probably work extremely well in todays gaming climate. Finally I’m looking forward to see how Two Point Hospital turns out as it’s the spritual successor to Theme Hospital, another game I really, really like.

What I would like to work on myself? A new Mega Man game. I want to make a Mega Man game that is to Mega Man X what X was to classic NES Mega Man. Or what Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was to the entire platforming genre. But also the two games mentioned above, Dungeon Keeper and Sacrifice.
I’ve got some ideas…:wink:


When are you guys going to expand your merchandise/platforms?
I don’t know if you all remember me but a few years ago I tried to get you guys to do a board game (which I still think would destroy shelves and wallets) and still going strong in that belief. I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting action figures, megablox, car decals, visual novels, comics, board games, card games;
We all love your IP and are hungry for more!


Yeah I always thought it was a shame that Arrowhead never really ended up owning any of the IP that they came up with, let’s hope that with the new project they’ll get to keep the rights and make some awesome spinoffs!

While publishers are great and all, (we did get a short Magicka novel and the real life bathrobes after all, the Gauntlet comic, not to mention the Helldivers merch like the PS4 controller decals, coasters and the KICKASS badges) they lose interest in the old IP far too quickly for my liking, and they are more likely to make financial decisions safely and either not make stuff, or have stuff on extremely limited runs (read: boring)