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Dear Dev,
I have a question concerning the assignment of wars lost. Upon the conclusion of this latest war, my victorious mission ended with the announcement that Cyberstan had been pacified. We won. I was immediately transferred to a firey doom ridden room where I was told that the war was lost.
Superearth had fallen.
Double huh!?!
And I was awarded a loss in the war column. What is particularly odd is that a player I participate in many missions with received a win in this latest war.
Can you please explain why I was given a loss, after the enemy races were defeated, and whilst fellow players were awarded a win?
Awaiting your reply.


It’s a well-known glitch. The game tends to give you wrong cinematic along with messing with your won and lost stats after that. Arrowhead tried to fix that many times, but they only lower the chance to make this glitch appear.

EDIT: Patch 4.04


Well, if indeed this is the case, it raises quite a few questions, at least to me, some of which might not be appropriate for this type of forum.
Further, if it so, it suggests that the capricious nature of other odd moments has indeed been designed into the game.
Philosophically, the inclusion of capricious and destructive events unrelated to the actions of the players is a topic beyond the scope of this thread, yet events in the game that are intentionally crafted to realize such beg this question to be asked, if no other; The possibility of capricious events to significantly alter outcomes and disrupt game events means that such events assume a power and an authority within the game that is beyond player or developer to alter. Thus, how is a player to react to such a condition?
This has significance across the spectrum of the entire HD experience, and casts a shadow across the fundamental assumptions regarding the game.


Meh, i try not to over think things…
I just like to drop in and shoot anything that moves - win or lose, fun will be had. :smirk:


One approach, certainly, yet one which involves a closing down rather than an active awareness. Suitable for some Mr. L., but not all.
Happy gameplay.


Yeah. Good job that shooting stuff is so distracting…

:arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_up::arrow_right: MOAR BULLETS


Humor is the tonic.
I can’t remember that green characters’ name, but it is familiar…
The primary focus for myself is simply playing as well as I can, thus this is true challenge. Geared to the struggle, the outcome is beyond my control.
Kinda like life.




I would like to ask, who did the default control scheme for keyboard+mouse? I almost immediatly switched map from tab to F and strat menu from ctrl to alt. So far i dont see any potential diffuculties with my scheme - furthermore, it reduces the pinky finger actions and thus makes map and strat menus way easier to access.


@patrik.lasota was this you? :smiley:


That was me, tab is the map because that is pretty much PC convention for accessible menus (“m” was not an option as Helldivers is fast paced and you use the map often.).

Same with ctrl and the Stratagem menu, it was chosen because it is a key you would expect to have a function as you try the game, increasing discoverability of our unique feature. Personally I have it bound to middle mouse button, and the reasons you state is exactly why we have fully rebindable controls :smiley: