Ask A Question (for new recruits)

Nothing is too silly, we are happy to explain the basics to all our new recruits :slight_smile:

Leave your questions in this thread.

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I know I’m not a new recruit but I’m level 21 and I was just wondering what happened to the pre placed minefields?

Hi. What did you mean by saying “pre placed minefields”?

You know when there was minefields just lying around with the warning signs by them

As far as I remember, the minefields are only on desert levels and are random. So it’s probably not a huge chance of you seeing them that often. They are still there though!!

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Mines can appear only on desert planets and its rare.
Im guessing the highest difficulty, the biggest chance for mines on desert.



I’d like to know what guns/etc. i need to upgrade to get the why wasn’t this standard issue?

I’m having problem with it…

Hey calvinpanho,

What problem do you have?

You need to upgrade all non-DLC weapons and stratagems. You probably can’t get this achievement because you don’t have one stratagem its called “Shredder”. Its a bug with a new Liberty Day update, Arrowhead is working on fix patch, you will need to wait.


I think the easy answer is any Primary Weapon that you unlock while Ranking up until you get to 25 and any Stratagem that you unlock by completing a Planet from Difficulty 1-11 across all three enemy factions.

Fully upgrade all of those and the trophy / achievement should unlock.

Exception to the above may include the 3 new Stratagems we all got on Liberty Day 2017 which are also earned in-game by completing planets of difficulty 10-11. These include the Heavy Strafing Run, ‘Thunderer’ Smoke Round, and A/GL-8 Launcher Grenade.

You do not need to fully upgrade the following

  • Any of the free / gift DLC additions for Liberty Day or Launch Day anniversary
  • Any of the paid DLC additions you might have added by getting Super Earth Edition or by actually purchasing DLC packs after getting base game.
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Are we sure they are only on Desert planets? Not even on Volcanic? See, I am still learning things.

Definitely only on Desert planets. :slight_smile:

Yep, very sure. I used to think they were on other types too.

Question: Why was this thread made for me???



Hi arrowhead just wanna start with saying how much i love this game. It was my first game i got for the ps4 and i still keep coming back to it over and over again. Just have a suggestion for you. When your ngame and bring up the map you can actually place a marker for your team to follow. But it is way to transparent to see. Plz fix this and the game would be 100%

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I think the problem is that not enough people use the map! :slight_smile:

In my opinion, it’s perfectly fine the way it is, and I have to agree with 9.0. Random teams just aren’t very coordinated with each other in the first place—even without factoring in looking at the map. I personally have no issue seeing markers placed by other players. Encouraging more players to pay more attention to markers might not be a bad idea though.

Also, this discussion might do better on the User Generated\Suggested Content or some such thread, as you’re making a suggestion as opposed to asking a question in regards to how the game currently works.

Any news on the shredder fix? Would be really nice if the devs could give us an update on expected delivery date… eager to get that shredder (and eventual platinum trophy).

Currently there’s only a skeleton crew at the office (there’s 3 of us) but most, if not all of us, will be back next monday so I’m sure someone can give you a better answer then :slight_smile:

@ForeverAPeon should answer you soon. I’m guessing it will be out at the end of this month.