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Yeah, unfortunately the holiday schedule delayed the patch slightly, but it’s on it’s way.


This is a question that doesn’t perhaps exactly fit in this category, but I believe it comes close: Do enemy aliens have a limit to their ammunition capacity?
I notice, for instance, that Tripods appear to have endless Tesla bolts, Stalkers can poison whenever in range, and Hulks repeatedly blast away. I have yet to experience any enemy expending its ability to attack.
Just curious.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@RangerRen Nay, the enemy are without number and have all the ammo in the galaxy. Best to Liberate them of life asap. They do kinda pause between attacks like the Cyborg Grunts will pause between firing.


Yes, U., this has been my experience as well. I should say, I’m not criticizing the game, I just find it…interesting.