Aussie odd hours squad

Looking for anyone really who’s up for a proper teamup at Australian (+10 GMT) time slots. I’m more than happy to play ammo bunny - either loading launchers or lugging the ammo pack - and I don’t mind driving the heavy stuff while someone else guns. It’d be fun to try some of the crazy challenges people have thought up too. I’d like to say I’m pretty sharp; lack of practice bites me here 'n there - haven’t put the time in to master melee dodge, for instance - but I’m a team player.

If this sounds like a commercial, well, I’m selling it up a bit because I don’t play much - just when opportunity presents - and random players are exactly that (we all have some stories about randoms!). Early morning (try 5am :stuck_out_tongue: ) or odd hours over the weekend… with young kids there’s a lot of things vying for your time, so it’d be best to message me on Steam. Account there is “Shirocco2”. So if you don’t mind having a once-in-a-while steam mate drop me a line - it’d be good to have some consistent squaddies.