Best DLC? Vote!

Salute, soldier!

We decided to start gathering informations about popularity and usage of all packs, developed by our Super Earth scientists! Each of you have special opportunity to participate in global poll by choosing your most favourite pack. Remember that all factors should be considered. (especially “Fun-to-use” factor)

All gathered informations will be sent to the Super Earth Helldivers laboratories for closer look. Our weapon and stratagem developers will use them for analyzing our weaknesses and strong points and improving equippement they provide to us.


General Vali

  • Ranger Pack
  • Commando Pack
  • Deffenders Pack
  • Support Pack
  • Pilot Pack
  • Demolitionist Pack
  • Hazard Ops Pack
  • Specialist Pack
  • Weapons Pack
  • Vehicles Pack
  • Entrenched Pack
  • Pistols Perk Pack
  • Terrain Specialist Pack
  • Precision Expert Pack

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We have recived a message from Super Earth Command.
Our Grand Commanders complained about missleading poll. They say we have to put more emphasis on the emotions, during the decision making.
(// msg-out-of-the-protocol: We should choose funniest and most enjoyables DLCs. Not boring but important tactical ones)
The informations will be used for developing better freedom spreading weapons.

For the prosperity of the Super Epmire!


Cool poll idea. :slight_smile: Although I feel you almost have to separate the Terrain Specialist DLC Pack (All Terrain Boots) from the poll question because it’s not so much that it’s “the best DLC” – it’s more that to most of us it’s the one DLC that has something critical that should’ve been just added into the game free at some point (at least imho). I won’t vote for that DLC, for that reason.

I’d throw in the Gamepedia wiki link for people who need a primer/refresher on what’s in each DLC pack. I’ve got more than 350 hours in the PC version alone, and yet I couldn’t tell you what’s in most of these DLC packs without looking it up somewhere.

Gamepedia Wiki’s DLC Packs List:
NOTE: Links in this forum open in a new browser tab, so you won’t “lost your place” here at Arrowhead’s forums if you visit the above link. :slight_smile:


I voted for the Commando Pack. While the Ninja is a fun little primary weapon, it doesn’t see that much use from me. The MLS-4X ‘Commando’ on the other hand is, by far, the best secondary weapon IMO. This is the weapon I bring when I want to be most efficient or when I carry new recruits. Not only can I deal with every threat quickly and effectively (granted, the thing isn’t very great against Bug Behemoths), I also get to bring my own support pack which allows me to reload any player with a rocket launcher (usually RL-112) on the field, while I can easily reload myself if they are completely unfamiliar with the coop-reload.

I guess Specialist Pack and Pistols Pack would be my second and third pick, the former because the Tanto is my favourite primary weapon (and probably most used weapon in the game) and the latter because the Gunslinger is such a godly weapon that I simply love taking it into battle at any opportunity.

PS: to the person who actually voted for Pistols Pack, I love you! <3


I did vote, P-6 Gunslinger the best weapon ever :slight_smile:


I haven’t bought Terrain Specialist Pack DLC so far and I don’t feel like I’m in disadvantage :slight_smile: Each item in this game can be substitued. This one for example by LIFT, by any vehicle or by any EXO suit :slight_smile: Just change tactic lil bit and you won’t need a super shoes.

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To be honest, I am very surprised. Pistols Perk Pack is terribly rated on steam. But in this thread it’s doing well :slight_smile:

Because new Helldivers can’t handle it takes perk slot and they need it to take heavy armor!

It’s not just new Helldivers but veterans, too. There’s enough rank 25 - 50 players who always insist on using Cardio Accelerator on every map, even if it makes very little sense (because the objectives are all clustered together, or there a ton of defend missions, escorts, etc.). But these are the people who will constantly run ahead and screen-pull, even if other players are slower and can’t keep up. :roll_eyes:

I voted Demolitionist cause I use the Stalwart LMG frequently and Demolisher satchel charges almost all the time. Specialist might be my runner up for Close Air Support strat.

I used to use the Guard Dog drone all the time, but find more and more that pickup groups are unwilling to backtrack to dropped items after you die. So in PUGs, I tend to stick with stuff I won’t lose when I bite the dust. This is why I suggested a “Call my Drone Home” Perk, though pigs will fly in Hell before that ever gets implemented.:weary:

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For those of us still around that started playing the game long before the Terrain Specialist DLC Pack became available, all the opinions people have about All Terrain Boots are “critical” are just factually wrong. What it does is remove / nullify the special condition of 1 of 4 terrain types in the game.

Regardless, I expect people will rather vote for the things they like using more, than whatever they use as a crutch / convenience. Think of all the cool additions through DLC, why would anyone pick All Terrain Boots over those as their favorite addition?

Back to the poll, it is actually very tough list to choose from but I give my Vote to the Weapons Pack slightly edging out the Vehicles Pack because I just get more use of the 3 weapons included (Scorcher, Rumbler, and Dum-Dum) than the 3 Vehicles (Hammer, Lumberer, and Bastion). Many other DLC packs only include 1 new weapon or stratagem.

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Ye! Definitely agree. In this poll you should simply vote for the best DLC, which you like the most! Not for the “most needed in your build” or “most usefull” DLC.

For example: Vehicle DLC. I’m very surprised, that noone has voted for it so far. It may be useless. But its hella funy to drive that bike :smiley:

As mentioned above, one of the most important factors you should consider is “fun-to-play” factor. And I find no fun in picking terrain boots and walking on the snow like you normally do in other maps. In fact, its boring stratagem AF. Can’t get why you voted for it :smiley:

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For me, the only reason to even consider voting for the Terrain Specialist Pack is the Missile Barrage. <3

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It does make missions feel like a breeze if everyone agrees to use it…
But trying to force it on people is never helpful

Weapons Pack for me. The Rumbler may be finicky but I think it’s the best “randoms” secondary, you’ll eventually overcome the learning curve of the weapon then it’s basically anti-everything galore (except for IFV’s…).

Dum-Dum isn’t exactly amazing, but it’s an alternative to the MG-94 for effective infantry work which I’ve enjoyed some hours with on low difficulty dives.

And then we get the squid melter, The Scorcher. I need not say anything more about that beauty…

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Rumbler is good, but not the best, it can kill IFVs if you shot them in the back (Hatch)

Dum-Dum is a great weapon against Illuminates and Butchers. Because of the long reloading I don’t like to use it.

Scorcher, great weapon against everything but can kill you if you are not careful. Hounds are the real problem if you don’t know how to dodge them… or bug scouts.

I stopped looking at the other options after “Commando Pack”. :heart:

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Here, have a Like.

That is a compelling reason. It is why I consider Precision Expert Pack the weakest content adding DLC pack out of the bunch cause I really love the Missile Barrage.

Tough call, but I said Demo Pack. I use the Stalwart all the time, and the Demolisher is my go to anti-tank.
2nd would be the entrenched pack, since you almost need the AT-47 to solo RS missions on higher planets. The barbed wire comes with me on 2/3 of my dives.
3rd is the Pistol Pack, because the Gunslinger is my Stalwart’s BFF, and the Flame pistol packs a hell of a punch when backed into a corner.

I think the All-Terrain pack is the most useful, even if I do love the Scorcher and the Gunslinger as two of my most-used weapons. Not having All-Terrain Boots would be an absolute gamebreaker for me.