Best DLC? Vote!


Boots < Jump Packs?


You too haven’t read anything but the poll options, right?

Guys don’t ruin this poll ffs! It was supposed to show your favorite packs, to be used to share reasons why you enjoy it the most, or to be impulse of writing something funny or interesting about your experience with DLCs. Instead of that, you just simply put up the most damned boring DLC on the first place (just because of the most boring, but usefull perk in the game). What the heck…have you lost all your sence of humor? :smiley:

Consider this poll like it was some kind of feedback and devs just want to know what brings you the most fun.


I think most of us were under the impression that “best DLC” meant most useful, not favorite or most fun. The Terrain Specialist pack doesn’t add anything that’s fun to use, true, but All-Terrain Boots are an absolute must on snow planets and it’s the DLC that I think is the best as far as useful items.

If we’re going by “fun” or my personal favorite, then Commando pack because the launcher and Ninja are absolutely amazing and the outfit is pretty darn cool.


Thats not true, it adds missile barrage


The CGI-animated “Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars” that I saw a while back and ballyhooed on Reddit had a new type of sort of “hybrid jump/jet/rocket pack” that was fun to watch. Meaning they didn’t turn into the Rocketeer and fly all over endessly, but they also didn’t just leap high and drop down.

Some footage of it in this video clip compilation (the jet/rocket packs blast off around the 51 second mark):

While I support ‘screen lock’ for co-op, I think it also hinders the idea of a more continuous flight jump pack because you just wouldn’t be able to go far with it unless everyone on the squad equipped one. Also, if you can stay constantly in flight, then the ground hazards and patrols just come out of play. I still think there’s room to sort of soup up the jump pack.:grinning: