I find it so unusual and funny that the game is indirectly called after the race everyone dislikes the most :wink:

is there deeper meaning in this or is this pure coincidence ?

Close but no cigar ;)
Helldivers is actually running on the Bitsquid Engine (, which was announced publicly around 2013 – around the same time that The Showdown Effect came out. (which also uses Bitsquid, go figure)
Helldivers was released later, (as we all know) in 2015.

I like the theory that the Illuminates were inspired by the name of the game engine though… Maybe we can get a dev to comment?

For sure throw this question up on the Ask A Dev: Design Questions thread!

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Yea will do. Gaming is an mind trick in a scence…^^

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If u dont consume the eat 17 the pod will eat17, i always found that quite unusual … propaganda should sound like :
You hungry ?
You want to eat ?
But you have no money ?
Join the HellDivers
EAT17 as much as u like


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