[bug?] Arrowhead Blog Replies dialogue box (no SUBMIT button?)

I was trying to reply on the nice April 7 Arrowhead blog post about devs working from home, and receiving care kits.

But I don’t see – in Chrome browser – any sort of “SUBMIT” button? So there doesn’t seem any way to submit a reply? I don’t see one on the Reply dialogue box areas for other posts either.

I only see this?

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I think it might be there… the mouse cursor switches to a hand when it hovers over it… it just must be in white text maybe, its just below the where it says website. :smiley:

Nah, I’ve tried it in Chrome and Firefox multiple times. There’s simply no “submit” or “post” button, hidden or otherwise.

I don’t really care, probably been years since I posted a replay. Maybe they don’t want comments on their blog posts, so they just removed the ability to post one. :smiley:

Heya Blackjack, long time no speak :smiley: I’ll try to see what’s happening there. Either it’s a fault, or comments were disabled for that post (but then I’m not sure why there’s the fill out form :thinking: :thinking:). Either way I’ll check in anyway and see what’s up. Thanks for letting us know!

Edit: comments on posts have been disabled for now, due to a lot of spam coming in. I’m not sure when or if we’ll enable them again on blog posts. So technically not a bug, but I’ll try and see if I can remove the comment box so there’s no confusion :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks. Yeah I mean comments threads most places are just a nightmare of spam and abusive language that probably requires too much time to moderate, so I understand.

Thanks for checking! :grinning: