Can you believe Magicka is 6 years old already?



Magicka was first released on January 25th 2011! How many of you had played Magicka before Helldivers? :smiley:


[raises hand over the course of several months]


I did!
and its still one of my top favorite games, to me its just better than Magicka 2 in every way.
From the different robes to the ammount of time it’s possible to put into the game, truly a game worth revisiting some time.


Yeah, got the same opinion. And i still can’t understand how can Magicka have better graphic than Magicka 2 :smiley: Its older, heh? Isn’t it’s new sequel supposed to look better? :smiley:


I haven’t played Helldivers, but I do love Magicka. Even after all these years, I still go back and play through the game when I’m in the mood for some spell-casting. The gameplay has an impressive amount of depth and versatility, even though advanced tactics aren’t required to complete it. I’m hoping that future Arrowhead games will be just as audacious.


First I’ve heard of Arrowhead was Helldivers. Though I’ve done my research with Magicka and it piqued my interest. Would give it a whirl once I get a PS4 to play with


Helldivers was my first game by Arrowhead. Next up I tried sequel to Magicka made by different developer but I still found it enjoyable to play through the campaign and get a feel for the weird charming entertaining personality of the dunka-dunka shenanigans.

I think next up was Gauntlet which I enjoyed for a solid month going through the daily challenges getting all the capes for my Warrior and completing the game on Hard which is no easy task. I tried to get to floor 50 of endless mode, but the first bunch of floors became too boring to re-do before getting to the higher floors so I kind of gave up on that goal.

Finally, after Helldivers came on Steam and playing a ton of Helldivers on Steam which really brought me back to appreciating PC gaming again and realizing how much Steam has improved the PC gamer experience, I upgraded my PC to be a more gaming capable PC and then I looked up Magicka.

I played a fair bit of it solo and enjoyed what I did, but didn’t have good luck finding others to play with since such an old game. Hope to remedy that and play it some more.


I have played Magicka in 2012/13 when it was free 3 days, almost completed it. Thats probably why i didn’t buy it, good memories!


6 years old? No wonder i can actually run it on my pc!


You got wooden computer or sth? :smiley:


i definitely played magicka before i played helldivers