[chat/question] AH's Secret New Game -- features you'd like? (that weren't in Helldivers & Gauntlet)


Hoping this could be a fun little “food for thought” question. AH can’t talk to us about the Secret New game (maybe not for years), but I think we could just talk a little about features (big or small) that we wanted in Helldivers, that we didn’t get, but would like in the new game. Or minor annoyances that we’d like the new game to take a different tact on, etc.

I realize this is kind of a leap of faith because it’s possible Secret New Game is in some other genre or has little in common with AH’s last few games (Helldivers, Gauntlet, Magcika). But let’s just assume it’s somewhere vaguely in the same gaming arena but much more ambitious. :sunglasses:

I had a couple things. Here’s one.

Squad Camera Lock Improvements
I was never someone who complained about the 'camera lock" with squads as a concept. It just drove me crazy when my guy was injured and crawling – this always appeared to “break” screen lock, so then if a squaddie walked away from me, the screen scrolled past me and I could no longer see myself or have any awareness of surroundings (the pointer arrow helped not at all). 99% of the time this caused instant death.

My suggestion had been maybe having a little “mini video popup” that just showed your downed character and immediate surroundings. At least enough to know where I was and what was around me, and even if I’d been able to get up off the ground at all. Easy for me to say, not easy to code :grin: So I would just say I hope that if Secret New Game has squad screen lock, that it has some way to better handle injured, crawling players’ characters impacts on the screen lock effect.


Oh yes, getting killed by being pulled off screen is incredibly annoying. In fact, I’ve been thinking about starting a post that lists the mean and twisted aspects of the game which I and those I know could easily do without.
If I could add one thing that I would really like to see in the next game, it would be for the play to be the determiner of outcomes and not stupid capricious events. I’ll provide an example:
Several times now I’ve joined games where the play is over, and the results are failed missions. Rather than simply cancelling the mission, the game shows me a short glimpse of an empty play map, and hurries me to mission results where I’m assigned a failed mission. This really makes me want to quit the game. If the game is going to assign defeats in such a capricious manner, then the game needs to stop recording losses, and probably even wins.
The irritating part of this is that I didn’t get a chance to even appear on the map. If the game is going to slam players in this fashion, it isn’t a game I want to play.
If this were the only mean and twisted aspect of the game, it wouldn’t have me considering a post on this topic. In my own admittedly small circle, HD has earned a reputation as a sick game, which is not a compliment.
What could change this for the better?
I’m glad you asked: DO NOT RESPAWN DEAD PLAYERS INTO IMPOSSIBLE SITUATIONS, this is not amusing or entertaining, it is just there to stick it to the player. Believe me that no psychologically healthy player finds it cute or worthwhile for the game to prove that it can kill you whenever it wishes.
TONE DOWN THE “FRIENDLY FIRE”, while uncertainty can enrich the game, regularly getting mowed down by one’s own people is tedious and unnecessary to the game.
Similarly, killing players via turrets deployed to aid in defense just makes one less willing to expend the strategem slot upon one.
MAKE STRATEGEM CHOICES VIABLE, a good game doesn’t waste effort giving players one million choices of wet noodles. Either have the courage to offer something that is truly effective, or don’t offer it. We have a wide array of genuinely stupid strategem choices, from pathetic smoke, to the healing droid that takes forever to rebuild a players health, to the distractor beacons which are so nerfed they are essentially useless. Contrast this with truly viable strategem choices like the Firewall, the MG 94, and the resupply pack. Make them work, or leave them at home.
This might seem a little harsh, but after several dozen deaths via character seeking pods, any slack I gave to the game is gone. Useless strategems hinder quality game play, and the constant effort of the game to capriciously disrupt and destroy one’s game is at best completely exasperating.
Hopefully, this will be taken as constructive criticism to build a better game.


Although I doubt Arrowhead would ever change friendly fire – assuming the Secret Project has FF too – I kinda like the concept of maybe “random % chance to hit-friendly fire,” such that maybe friendly fire (i.e., fire from a comrade pointed at you) has a random chance to miss you.

I confess I don’t know if it’s feasible for the game to “know” that your projectiles/lasers are about to hit a friendly and then react differently. It’s just a deep thought in my shallow brain. :grin:

Guess it’s inspired by the times in Firaxis’ XCOM games where you have a 93% chance to hit your target at near point blank range with no obstructions, and you wildly miss anyway. :laughing: If there was a way to implement FF in that form in a co-op twin-stick, then perhaps you could still have friendly fire but in a sort of “toned down/nerfed” fashion.


The issue with friendly fire operates in three different spheres that subtract from enjoyment of the game.
First it is important to realize that very very few players are going to have any familiarity with small unit tactics. This means that they have no idea how to successfully manage their fire discipline. Thus, even higher level players tend to blaze away regardless of results. It gets extremely tiresome to routinely lose equipment and ammunition because of careless discharges.
Secondly, F.F. actively punishes players who prefer to deploy their own equipment, rather than relying on the red strategem mother to solve problems. It’s simply a fact that a certain group of players murder others for their equipment. Sure, one can report or sometimes kick them, which are useless gestures for modifying behavior, or put up with it, however the fact remains that this condition exists because of game design, period, and it remains a serious obstacle towards enjoying the game.
Thirdly, F.F. is capable of complete outcome determination for a mission, and as such it is simply too powerful. I have directly experienced this on multiple occasions, and it is disempowering as a player to have a game decide to slap you with a loss just for yucks no matter how you play.
Listen, games can have F.F. enabled without ramping it up to the point that it becomes a major determiner in play. How about a friendly droid that returns one’s equipment? How about a time lock that prevents others from running off with your gear and using it? Even if this only worked for 5 min. it would discourage equipment murders. There are all kinds of ways to mitigate F.F., circumstantially and in wider play. Whatever happens with the new game, my hope is that players will have more opportunities to overcome the capricious forces that are practically omnipresent.


Also, I wanted Dune Buggies in Helldivers or the Secret Project… or maybe a Golf Cart :grin: