[CLOSED] Heavy Strafing Run & AC-22 Dum-Dum and MORE!



Strat_Heavy_Strafing_Run_mk3 Heavy Strafing Run:

  • When you “accidentally” kill your teammate, you don’t get accidental at the end of the mission!

dumdum AC-22 Dum-Dum:

  • Empty magazines don’t disappear, they stay on the ground forever. (fixed)

EDIT 01.12.17:

Strat_LAS-98_Laser_Cannon_mk3 LAS-98 Laser Cannon:

  • When you spam click long enough, you will hear LAS-98 firing all the time, even when you change weapon or die. (fixed)

0ae9b71b28acaee1e1351f8dd5caf2e2 MG-105 Stalwart:

  • Visual Effect - When you reload you can still see empty drum in the weapon.


Sounds like a feature more than a bug :nerd_face:


All empty magazines disappear, so I’m not sure about that.


For the Thundering Smoke Round, we want to keep the power there as that’s the only thing communicating that it doesn’t do damage. We feel it is necessary to keep ^^


I was told that the Tesla Tower Mk2 description doesn’t have a period…
Game breaking I know


I see, that’s why I wasn’t sure.
I will EDIT post once i put other bugs, I don’t expect them to be fixed, but It would be nice for you to know about them.