Code of Conduct


The Arrowhead forums are designed to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for all of our players, fans, community and developers to hang out and exchange thoughts with one another.

In order to accomplish this environment, all visitors should be familiar with our forum policies. By using the Arrowhead forums and participating in discussions, users are agreeing to abide by the forum’s rules.

To make it clear for our users, we’ve simplified and condensed the forum policies into an easy to digest format. Breach of these rules will result in users being reprimanded as described in the policy below these rules.

1. Behaviour

The purpose of the Arrowhead forums is to provide a platform for exchange of ideas, and a venue for the discussion of Arrowhead, it’s games and related topics. Occasionally there will be conflicts that arise when people voice opinions. Forum users are expected to courteous when disagreeing with others.

In order to maintain an environment where everyone is welcome and discussion flows freely, certain types of conduct are prohibited on the Arrowhead forums. These are:

Trolling, Flaming, Ranting, Personal Attacks, Harassment, Doxxing, Racism & Discrimination, Hate Speech, Sexism, Spamming, Bumping, Off-Topic Posting (outside of the designated categories and/or threads), Pyramid Quoting, Rumour Mongering, New Player Bashing, Impersonation, Advertising

2. Content

Arrowhead’s games hold ESRB Teen and PEGI 12 ratings. All content posted to the Arrowhead forums must be teen friendly.

In addition to this, the Arrowhead forums are not for discussion of real life current affairs, news, politics or religion. Discussion should revolve around Arrowhead and its community.

For these reasons, specific content is prohibited on the Arrowhead forums. These are:

Pornography, Profanity, Real Money Trading (RMT), Discussion of Warnings & Bans, Discussion of Moderation, In-Game Bugs & Exploits, Real World Religion, Real World Politics, Content that distorts the forum layout.

3. Constructive Criticism

Negative feedback can be very useful to further improve Arrowhead’s forums and/or games if it is presented in a civil and factual manner. All users are encouraged to honestly express their feelings regarding Arrowhead and how it can be improved.

Posts that are non-constructive, insulting or in breach of the rules will be deleted regardless of how valid the ideas behind them may be. Users are also reminded that posting with a lack of content also constitutes non-constructive posting.

4. Abuse of forum tools

The Arrowhead forums provide several additional plugins and tools, including the ability to embed videos and images, along with additional emojis and polling software. Use of these tools to troll, flame, post inappropriate content or otherwise break the forum rules is prohibited.

5. Re-opening locked topics

Recreating or re-opening a thread that has been closed by a moderator is prohibited. Threads that have been closed by a moderator have been closed for the benefit of the community. Re-opening a locked thread will result in its removal.

6. Language

The default language for posting on the Arrowhead forums is English. Please use English when posting as a courtesy to other forum users, unless the forum channel is specifically created for discussion in another language as part of our localized language specific sub-forums.

7. Abuse of Arrowhead employees

Arrowhead operate a zero-tolerance policy on abuse of Arrowhead employees. This includes but is not limited to personal attacks, trolling, “outing” of Arrowhead employee player identities, and the use of any former player identities when referring to these parties.

Our forums are designed to be a place where players and developers can exchange ideas in a polite and friendly manner for the betterment of Arrowhead games. Players who attack or abuse Arrowhead employees will be permanently banned from the Arrowhead forums across all their accounts with no recourse.

8. Individual forum sections may have additional rules

Please check the sticky threads at the top of each individual forum section before posting there. Some forum sections have specific rules for their purpose, such as Arrowhead News in the Arrowhead General Discussion.

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