Community Cape Nominations

Greetings Soldiers,

Since the patch with the addition of the community cape I thought it would be a good idea to have an official sticky thread where you could go to nominate players for the prestigious Community Cape.

The Helldivers Community Cape is given as a reward to outstanding individuals who have participated in - or helped out - the Helldivers community in various ways. Whether that be reporting bugs, guiding new recruits, winning competitions or actively participating and engaging in forum discussions, these individuals can be distinguished from other recruits.

You will be able to see who a recipient of a community cape is by a small green Libertea symbol appearing in their icon image. It is similar to the developer cog icon which you see on the Arrowhead devs’ accounts.

Here are some examples of why someone could be nominated:

  • Actively contributes and participates in discussions in the community above and beyond the average player
  • Helpful and welcoming to new players, passing on knowledge or teaching them
  • Reported bugs in a constructive and useful way, leading to solutions
  • Helps to troubleshoot other user problems and responds with good advice
  • Long term dedicated supporter of Helldivers, eg. moderating and curating unofficial communities
  • Has won a Helldivers competition

Nomination Rules:

  • You may not nominate yourself.
  • Being nominated does not guarantee a cape - we look at each individual case.
  • All nominations need to have a description or motivation of why the person is being nominated. We will not consider a nomination without getting a detailed reason why.
  • We want to keep this topic strictly for nominations. Discussion of nominations is of course promoted and encouraged, but we will not tolerate any flaming, trolling or begging. If we think a post breaks this rule we will remove it.

Click the summary below to see the list of recipients!


Recipients so far (updated regularly):

  • BlackjackGT
  • Temoc the Seer
  • guy-from-reddit
  • WeaselFire
  • MartinGreyWolf
  • thecrazyscotsman
  • greengronirandom
  • Cusman
  • NCH Strelok
  • Pelia
  • Sokunokumi
  • YOPG
  • TheLethalDiva
  • the-tech-tard
  • rdhight
  • nitz__
  • kimcorpuz
  • lethalWasabi
  • Will R.
  • shingouki76
  • haaidan
  • FoxPug
  • brazen_monkey
  • xtreme2k12
  • Captain-Linger
  • Slyguy
  • Hitman
  • EvilMedic
  • Leering
  • DeathStalker Synchro
  • Xx_-Snyper-_xX
  • Sasuke083594
  • Superstickfight
  • Mikasa2
  • ealirendur
  • vanemiera
  • craiglongstaff
  • cato_otac
  • waynes_za
  • Sokunokumi
  • vevgoran
  • Zhak22
  • wilier
  • KOR_Lune
  • acubens555
  • SpitzerFX
  • Dcello
  • Satire
  • Bug Behemoth
  • Mellcor
  • rotterdxm
  • Citizen Graves
  • dxlc0
  • Lein
  • Anon 1, Liberty Day 2016 Winner
  • Anon 2, Liberty Day 2016 Winner
  • Anon 3, Liberty Day 2016 Winner
  • Anon 4, Liberty Day 2016 Winner
  • Anon 5, Liberty Day 2016 Winner
  • Anon 6, Liberty Day 2016 Winner
  • Sinon (Steam 1 Year Anniversary Winner)
  • theonz (Steam 1 Year Anniversary Winner)
  • Kvyrokranaxyyit (Steam 1 Year Anniversary Winner)
  • Westwick (Steam 1 Year Anniversary Winner)

I nominate SpitzerFX as well as Vanemiera and Satire for administration and moderation of the Official Helldivers Discord. They’ve been keeping the place ship-shape for as long as I’ve been there, which has been almost half a year now with careful attention for interests of the entire community.

Also, Sieyl, hailing from the same place, who has been excellent in theorycrafting the most minute data out of the game where Arrowhead’s been fairly deliberate in hiding it. That chap managed to analyse things that surpass everything I’ve put effort in in my past communities I had participated in. They were always a nice food for thought and a good conversation starter.


I second all of these nominations. SpitzerFX, Satire, and Vanemiera have been doing a great job over at the Helldivers Discord Server for as long as I have been a member there, and it has become more apparent since I’ve had a chance to see behind the curtain and watch the inner workings of the place.

Also, Vanemiera deserves the cape for creating the Liber-Coffee app alone. If he didn’t get the cape already for that, then I don’t know what you are doing, Arrowhead! :wink:

And I second Sieyl’s nomination, too. Holy hell(dive), that man is THE definition of a Helldivers Combat Scientist!


I would like to nominate those outstanding players:


They are managing the Biggest Chinese helldivers community

And they are also the managers of the Biggest Chinese helldivers community in Tencet QQ
It’s a QQ group, it can only be accessed via Tencent QQ
(QQ group is similar to Discord server)

Besides, they wrote guides to help new recruits.

[騎士羅]𝕽𝖔𝖅𝖞𝖗 (Known as RoZyrë)

RoZyrë is an active participator in both EN and CN Helldivers forums.
He helps translating helldivers wiki from English into Chinese.
He is also the founder of SESC C-26 Liberty on Discord

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I’m just carrying my nominations over from Reddit.


There’s really nothing good I can say about him that hasn’t already been said by several other people time and time again. Extremely nice guy with a solid reputation. He’s helped me personally on several occasions with questions I’ve had about the game—even if it means going out of his way to test something or find out. The same can be (and has been) said by many other people as well.

Citizen Graves
(Both accounts are him.)

Definitely an active participant in the community, uploads videos for people to watch, and is generally a good example of the type of behavior I wouldn’t mind seeing more of around the community.

Simply holding an administrator or moderator role in something or even just being a long-time player really isn’t reason enough to be nominated as far as I’m concerned, but in my opinion, both just so happen to apply to Graves in particular and happens to be very good moderator as well.

I don’t know if they already have the capes or not, but if these guys don’t deserve capes, then… heck. I’d honestly just be more surprised if they’ve gotten away this long without having them.


I would like to forth the nomination for Sieyl, hes been super helpful in the community, great teacher, know a ton about the game, would give a cape 110%

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I would like to support the nomination for Sieyl (, this player has been nominated multiple times (to my knowledge) and is more than deserving of a Community Cape through his incredible helpfulness to new and veteran players, as well as extraordinary scientific involvement in finding bugs, quirks and tricks and supplying his finding on the Discord server and to the fine folks working on the Helldivers Wiki.

Speaking of the Helldivers Wiki, I find few members of the Helldivers community more deserving of a Community Cape than rotterdxm ( This person has been relentless in his pursuit to make the Helldivers Wiki ( the best repository of Helldivers knowledge known in this Galaxy.

While some of us merely contribute to the Wiki, rotterdxm is a true driving force behind the constant updates to that website; for him, it is a true labor of love, and he has gone above and beyond to support this game and its community through his work.

If there ever was a shortage of Community Capes and Arrowhead was only able to give out one last cape, rotterdxm is the man to give it to.


Oh wow, I only realized now that rotterdxm didn’t already have one. I thought about him, but I always felt very safe in my assumption that he had one. It’s the only reason why I haven’t already nominated him (and I don’t think the list was there at first).


I also nominate Sieyl.

I already have one, but thank you for the nominations. :smiley:

:grin: Thanks to everyone on the Helldivers discord for keeping this game alive for me, its always fun to hop in and chat with people on there


You know what, I’m going to have to go ahead and nominate Ben. While deserving, I feel like this guy is one of those people that may never otherwise get a nomination simply due to being overlooked by the few people that still make nominations (Chinese player).

I’ve noticed he’s been credited in a few Steam guides, and I’m constantly seeing him in the Steam forums helping out players with questions. Even on a personal level, he’s taught me a thing or two about the game.

As many others can attest to, the other week we had a bunch of players from the Chinese community join our Discord, and they all kept saying the same thing, “Ben invited me.”

He’s a very friendly personality and definitely a community-involvded and dedicated player (heck, just to boot, he’s even reached level 50 three times over—he’s working on his fourth one now).

This is just from what I know of. I have no idea what else he does in the Chinese community.

P.S. I don’t know if it’s on purpose, but I think Citizen Graves and rotterdxm are missing from the list of recipients even though I know they have capes.


That exists?

It’s at the bottom of the opening post.

I support this nomination. I’ve not had many encounters with this player, except for when we had an influx of chinese players on the Discord Server, I did however notice his involvement on some of the Steam guides (even though I can’t read any of them) and I’ve played with him a handful of times a while ago. This player is an active member of the Helldivers Community and should be considered for a Community Cape.

While I’m here, I would also like to nominate Lein. In the relatively short time that Lein has been part of the Helldivers Community he has gone above and beyond in being a friendly, helpful and dedicated member of the Helldivers community. He post regularly on the Steam forums, Discord Server, the Helldivers subreddit, as well as here, the Arrowhead forums, with helpful and insightful advice and is an active participant in discussions regarding the game and its community. He also post quality videos on YouTube and is an active contributor to the Helldivers Wiki.

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Thanks for pointing out the missing people! If you notice anymore just let me know and I can add them.

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I’m speaking with our Sony pals to get some Community Cape keys given to the Chinese and Japanese community managers or reps over there. It’s very hard for me to handle those regions, so I think this is the best solution :slight_smile:


May I recommend Zecorax? She has been playing Helldivers since its launch, and her PS4 accounts include Zecorax, Zecoraxy, Nadood_, CRUCIFIX_VII, Monkeysythe, all of which are level 50. She has more accounts which are level 50, but I do not remember all of those. Her accounts are set to private, so others cannot search those. She is currently spreading the democracy with Zecorax.

She has been a passionate user who posts numerous videos and tips for Helldivers on a community in Thailand. The link of this community is below, and you can find her as Sir-Pow Duckie.

Recently, I suggested her to join Reddit Helldivers, so that more people in the world can enjoy her precious videos and learn her tips. She joined Reddit few weeks ago, and you can see some of her videos.

As fas as I know, she is one of the most experienced Helldiver in the world in terms of difficult technics and survival ability, especially in Retalliatory Strkes. In the past, Kimcorpuz was better than Zecorax, but he has been taking some rest. However, Zecorax is still playing Helldivers, and she is now better than Kimcorpuz, because she practiced numerous hours after the leave of Kimcorpuz. If you want to watch her play, this is the link (I cannot find her solo play):


I second acubens, Zeco is a super friendly helldiver! She should definitely get a community Cape.