Community Cape Nominations


I nominate Lein . Sry didnt explain myself. he is trust worthy part of steam community and presents YT vid as guides .


I nominate DCSMOK3 on ps4 I’ve seen him help new recruits and actively talk in ps4 communities
for many months


Are we doing this again? I nominate Lein as well. He’s active and amiable in just about every Helldivers community there is and he makes actual tutorial videos instead of solely gameplay ones.


@WeasleFire and @acubens555 are already on the list, but I noticed they’re missing their teacup symbols.


DCSMOK3 was the first person I played online with when I just got started in this game. Agree. He’s still at it, too.


is teacup symbol a little green cup in the photo? I would like to get it!!


Yeah that’s the one.


Nominating Lein too for being helpful in-game, on the forums, and the wiki, actually helping a lot with new recruits and gathering data for use on the wiki and in guides. He’s a lot of help pretty much wherever he’s active.


Is the managers accepting the nomination currently? I recommended Zecorax two weeks ago, but I am still waiting for a reply.


Recommend. Zecorax delighted the Helldivers with zecorax’s great video and great play.


We’re still looking at nominations, don’t worry. We don’t send out capes as soon as someone is recommended. We need to have a look ourselves and we prefer to send out the capes in batches :slight_smile:

(I see you have had the cape quite a while ago but no icon on your name! I’ll make sure to update that now.)


I also recommend Zecorax! The same reason with acubens555


Thanks for your reply!


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I would like to nominate Lein for his informative guides, positive participation in discussions on steam, contributions of gameplay videos, and for overall being a genuinely pleasant player to dive with.


I’m going to go ahead and cast a nomination for Zecorax as well. I didn’t before because I knew nothing about her at the time. Since then, I’ve seen her post several videos on her YouTube channel, which include some helpful guides and pretty entertaining montages.

I’ve seen her be active on Reddit and other various comment sections as well, not to mention she seems to carry a pretty good reputation among several respected players in the PS4 scene (for what little I know about that side of Helldivers).


Thanks Lein!!


I’ll add my support for this nomination: Zecorax on PSN (Thailand / Asia Region)

@Zecorax has stuck with Helldivers for a while with entertaining montage videos that have a unique Zecorax signature with the esoteric editing.

Case in point:

She has also produced a number of informative guide videos and had steady engagement with the community on Reddit.

Case in point:

Only reason I didn’t take time to nominate earlier is because I assumed she would already have been granted Community Cape by now on the basis of nominations made by others.


Thank you for all people who nominated me🙏🏻 It’s very honorable to be here☺️


Thanks Cusman.