Community Cape Nominations


Today I want to take a moment and nominate @xtcdo and group for Community Cape for adding the operational-intel channel on Helldivers Official Discord.

Not only that, they put together the Unofficial Helldivers API Documentation.


This is a good nomination. I support it.

I’d like to reiterate that since it was a group effort, I nominate everyone who contributed to the project. I don’t know the specifics of who was involved, but if @xtcdo could provide that information here and link their Arrowhead Community profiles (encouraging them to make them if necessary), that would be a help.


I’d like to nominate david345825 he’s been an outstanding member of the Playstation community for many years has helped lots of players manages his own group, and recently achieved 2 million kills


I nominate @GazingPete.

He has done several helpful things for the community, not the least of which being his Advanced Tactics Helldivers YouTube series, where each installment shares useful information in an entertaining and often humorous light. I’ve quite enjoyed following this series, and have found the comment sections to be good hubs to express my own thoughts on the relevant matters. I encourage others to do the same, and I recommend it to anyone interested in learning some of the finer nuances of the game.

He also lead a fairly popular project for a time on the Helldivers Discord where he would take the in-game statistics of players volunteering their screenshots and structure them on a stylized spreadsheet for those wanting to compare.

Being that he is a friend of mine, with whom I have played countless times, I have had the opportunity to witness him sharing his knowledge with other players as well as being an overall positive energy to be around. He’s definitely an experienced and actively devoted player, having 1.4K Steam hours in Helldivers at the time of this nomination.

I recommend him quite confidently.



I’d like to nominate every 50 in the game who don’t have time to do a lot of this YouTube, Reddit, or Arrowhead stuff but yet play this game consistently for the last 3 years and take in/ teach New players or share knowledge with other vets whenever they play. This happens consistently but is never recognized here. And there are FAR too many 50s who do this daily.


:thinking: Well which is it?

Also, “this YouTube, Reddit, Arrowhead stuff” as you put it, is the community that your Community Cape recommendation would be referring to.

Anyway, please keep this thread for legitimate nominations. Obviously Arrowhead can’t hand out capes to countless unidentified players, and this isn’t the place for trolling, so if you wish to legitimately nominate a community participant for a Community Cape, include a name and description. Linking their Arrowhead Community account would also be helpful.


Well, I’ve said my peace…

That being said, if zeco hasn’t gotten her Cape yet then David345825 should get one.




I’ve seen the nominations for DCSMOK3 on this thread before, but I never knew who he was until I realized he is also the same person as DC_671 on Reddit. I can attest to him being a great and helpful personality in the community for sure, not to mention active. He’s been doing this for quite a while too—since before I’ve been playing, the way I understand it. I support this nomination for sure.

Previous nominations

呆毛 (Ahoge)

This guy has been a tremendous help to me; I have nothing but good to say about him. Ahoge (Ben too, but he’s been less active now) has pretty much been my primary contact with the larger Chinese community. Because of him, I’ve been able to collaborate with a group of translators (their nominations coming up) who took it upon themselves to translate my Helldivers guides (videos and text) for the Chinese community. They asked me for permission, but all the work of translating, reuploading, etc. was done by them and it started by them taking the initiative. He and I spent several hours one weekend just working together on this stuff.

Of course, that’s not even mentioning his work that has nothing to do with my involvement (which you can see some of by checking out the links below), but I’m sure that doesn’t even cover everything, considering the Chinese community tends to congregate on services different than the English-speaking community.



Hiro is one of the translators I mentioned previously. It’s on his Bilibili profile where you can find the translated reuploaded versions of my video guides (like the MLS-4X ‘Commando’ video, for example—though others can be found on his account). You can take a look at his own Steam guides to get an idea of the dedication he has. Even if you can’t read the language, you can definitely appreciate the level of detail and organization that he, among others, have put into their work. Here is an example.

Previous nominations


12MichaelJack is another heavy hitter. He has tons of hours into the game (almost 3,000 at this point). I’ve seen him involved in several things (such as being a collaborator in or credited for certain things), but one of the biggest things I think he may be known for is publishing a guide teaching players where to find hidden objectives without using a UAV (which was later translated by “Walkure” Adrienne). As you can see, it’s excellently researched and well presented. I can say that I’ve personally learned a few things from his work.



I actually don’t have much personal experience with Winged_hussar, as I don’t think our circles and play times overlap all that much. I do know he’s one of the translators that has helped out with the projects I mentioned earlier, so I nominate him as well.



I’m not aware of any of these players having Arrowhead Community profiles, but maybe I could talk any of them into it if necessary.

I know it’s a lot of nominations, but I think the non-English-speaking communities tend to go relatively unnoticed by the people that would normally be making nominations. I think a most of these people would have already been nominated by more people a long time ago if they were part of the English-speaking community. That said, I know that the barrier is organic and that it’s probably difficult for it to be any other way.

@ForeverAPeon I happen to know Marcus Cicero has a cape, but I don’t think he’s on the list. Maybe he’s on it by a name I don’t recognize, but I thought I’d mention it.