Constant LAS rifle + LAS cannon change


  1. Increase rotation speed with laser rifle firing


  1. Add like Starcraft2 / massEffect3 void ray phases - each 1 sec of shooting damage gets powered. 1x / 2x / 4x. Of course to shoot with 4x you have to spent half of the clip so quad damage arrives only for 2-3 secs. Other option to ballance phases - remove clip and remove last upgrade increases mobility with the cannon.

p.s. if we choose LAS shotgun as reference - 50% of game guns is useless (especially without blue locks - with all that stuff “one shoot - 10 dies”).

  • I tried to kill armored probe with that “camper AP bullets” - still 2 hits required. Dont imagine how you design to play with that gun on level 15, where you have 0.2 sec to hit or you’ll lose control. For the justice - the guns also useless vs cyborg suits and even vs heavy bug armor too.