Conventional or Energy weapons?

What kind of weaponry do you prefer? Do you like to give your enemies something physical, or do you burn their flesh with the power of science!

For me, its gotta be Conventional ;D

  • Conventional (Bullets etc.)
  • Energy (Lasers etc.)

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There’s no greater feeling than to wield the SG-225 Breaker and disperse Managed Democracy and Freedom by unloading 12 rounds of hot metal in close combat encounters :sunglasses:

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Conventional Weapons

Conventional weapons have my preference for sure. They have the best sound effects too—like the boom of the Dum-Dum, that Rail Gun “Pssshhh” or the Patriot just shredding through enemies.

Plasma weapons could easily be argued for as being “energy weapons,” but I’ll count them over here simply because they don’t have the option of having infinite ammo.

Energy Weapons

With the exception of my Trident phase (haha, of course) back when I was still coming up in the ranks, I don’t think I’ve had an era where I primarily used energy weapons but very little conventional ones.

Tanto is pretty good—especially for Cyborg RS (Retaliatory Strikes), but I haven’t even used it in RS for a while now. I’ve noticed Sickle being a huge fan favorite for a long time, particularly for newer players, however, I personally wasn’t particularly drawn to it much; I probably still have less than a few hours with it. Arc weapons have a lot more waiting involved than I would prefer, but they’re still nice options to have.

I think when I play with energy weapons, it’s usually out of the feeling of, “Let me try something unusual” more so than it is the desire to play with that weapon in particular. Laser Cannon may be an exception to that (very fun if there’s multiple ones).

For me its my trusty standard issue Stock AR-19 “Liberator” :wink:

Yeah, i’ve atleast tried the energy weapons, the LAS-16 “Sickle” (Which i only tried out today xD) being my most prefered for its firing style. But I’d still choose a conventional weapon anyday.

@YOPG Thx x3

I use conventional weapons only. I don’t like energy weapons at all expect Arc Shotty and Arc Thrower if we can count them to be energy weapons.

As @Lein mentioned above, I like to take Tanto on RS missions as well and sometimes to use Laser Cannon when I get bored of my standard loadout setup.

Thank you for the interesting thread, @Universae

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Ammo scarcity and the resupply stratagem are probably my favourite game mechanics in Helldivers - energy weapons just don’t subscribe to that model, so naturally I lean towards conventional weaponry, which has the added bonus of even feeling powerful while you empty mag after mag.

Of course, using energy weapons does open the doors to a wildly different style of loadout, so they’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Conventional weapons and a full red strat loadout because…well, why not. Reinforce is the quickest way to reload anyway - just gotta make sure it’s your mates you’re trolling and not randoms. :wink:

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I was using bullets up until when I was first time getting lvl 40 (used tanto and las 16 on occ). Then I discoverd Trident. Yes I didnt use it at all until lvl 40 and didnt stop using it until I got lvl 50 and a bit longer. Funny i startrd to use beginners weapon so late in the game but I must admit that effect was awsome. The power of the weapon allowed me to concentrate even more on the battlefield and other players. I got the grips of it pretty fast so not much acc happened so no bad exp with the weapon. Just wanted to share this story as something different to the classic trident story.


I have played with energy weapons on and off, mostly when the resupply strategem slot was better served with another choice.
They look ugly in profile, and in the case of the Trident, I will opine that it encourages a sense of laziness in aim.
The Arc Thrower is an interesting idea, but again, encourages imprecise aim in my own play.
One of the most rewarding aspects of my play, is when I make a precise shot. Precise shooting is simply not possible with the Trident, or the arc weapons.
I like to do Justice to the enemies! (Pun intended).

sickle is cool because of perfect accuracy but besides that i like railgun and patriot for the sound effects

Conventional bullet weapons for sure. I just enjoy their feeling of weight, reality, the sound and punch they pack.
I have a weakness for Justice which I keep coming back to because of its relative slowness, like you can hear and feel the mechanical movement with every shot.

Also Double Freedom. Because shotgun. And fire.

It happens that I play with the Arcs from time to time.


My favorite conventional weapons:

  • MG-105 Stalwart (LMG)
  • MP-98 Knight (SMG)
  • SMG-45 Defender (SMG) [everyone seems to bash it but I love the sound and its conservative ammo-use; sometimes I use it when I maybe shouldn’t. That’s how ‘love’ works :blush:
  • RX-1 Railgun (precision rifle) [I often use this if other players are using automatic and energy weapons, just to mix things up]

If I’m soloing easy missions just to goof off, I’ll often use SG-225 Breaker shotgun. I use the Patriot AR on occasion but not crazy about its ammo-chewing. I don’t like constantly reloading so I’ve never gotten into the other shotguns or Constitution rifle.

I would say I play Helldivers with my heart, not my brain. So I’ve probably missed out on half the weapons and the most technically effective weapons because they either don’t call out to me in some way or they require gameplay mechanics I find a bit annoying for my tastes.

I might’ve gotten more into Energy weapons if they had been Star Wars-style “pew pew pew” blasters with laser “bullets,” but I can see where maybe that wouldn’t offer enough difference vs. the conventional weapons for the devs to be keen on them.

As much as id love to blast away bugs with exploding arcane lightning icicle stalagmites imma gonna have to go with the non forgotten art of hit it with bullets

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Bullets are immensely satisfying, they win hands down. I haven’t touched a laser pointer in ages…

I love energy weapons because of the lack of reload.
I often end up being the guy defending/covering the others who are waiting for an ammo drop.

Unfortunately, if everyone on the squad has only energy weapons, we often end up being overrun by enemies because the energy weapons are generally weaker than conventional weapons. It almost always makes for a long and tedious mission.

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Yeah, ammo drops can be a hazardous action. Thats why I take a resupply pack, 3 seconds to arrive, 4 boxes of ammo and you take 1 at a time when on your last clip…keeps you on the move easier.

That’s a good tactic. Maybe I should be the guy carrying the Resupply Pack for the other guys carrying conventional weapons…

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@dxlc0 Its worth a try!
The resupply pack will resupply your side, primary, secondary and support pack (from recoiless rifle) all in one!

And you can resupply your own ammo AND replenish 1 box in the pack by picking up 1 box found in the world or from the supply drop (effectivly counting as if you picked up 2 creates :wink: )


Glad we have lasers, they could be done cooler.

Pulse beam of the DLC laser is (to me) a bit cooler than the scythe’s steady beam, opinions vary. Better with bayonet :stuck_out_tongue:

Something with a SLOW rof, heavy hitting ZAP! - similar performance to Camper? You don’t get armour defeating stun like the rail gun, but it might do more on point damage with Helldivers cool down system.

One more thing. Cool thing about las weapons is that they ignore armor,they dont do much damage but on bug/cyborg helldive you are not doomed to die,as they also do bigger damage when overheating . At the moment my favorite las/w
is Laser 16 (sickle)