Conventional or Energy weapons?


They ignore armour? I’ll have to test that some time. You mean they can hurt Warlords and the like?


Sickle can’t hurt Warlords, @lemi986 is talking about damage reduction armor and angle hits.
Tanto and Scythe are able to melt Warlord’s body inside, so do other weapons not classified as “AT”


I’m fairly sure no weapons ignore armor. Las weapons included, however I think continuos laser weapons only get their damage reduced by armor once a second or something similar. Which means they are able to damage heavier armor than other weapons. Their damage is still affected though, otherwise you’d be able to damage IFVs and Behemoths with them.


Well when im with las 16 I aim for the small spot between armor in an angle so I shoot pass the armor with precise shoots. That is what I meant when I said ignores armor, my bad .


I hadn’t noticed until the other day. It’s amazing value - granted, occupies your back as a trade off. They really specced it up to be useful.

Good for stealth & speed - reduces reliance on call down beacons.


!!! That’s not true. They don’t ignore armor, the continuous beam ones just do enough damage to overcome heavy armor.


Yeah I put it wrong. I meant you must shoot past the armor (middle) . Not that it ignores the armor, more like you ignore it by being precise.