Cyborg RS solo - 11 - Constitution accuracy test


Hey @Mikasa2,
Great skill and interesting video showcase. It was very enjoyable to watch! Thank you for posting your video. I have been doing Constitution RS as well, I believe my the best accuracy with M2016 was 97% with over 900 shots fired.

I’m still waiting to play with you on the PC

Thanks! 93% accuracy actually represents the average I got from several runs with the same loadout. The highest I got was something like 96-98%, but 93% wad pretty much the average so that’s the run I decided to upload. Did you play with kb+m or controller? I can’t remember.

Oh and I thought you were supposed to come to PSN! I’m still keeping a spot open in my squad in case you decide to show up. :wink:

That’s truly impressive Mikasa. I’m watching your videos from time to time, even though I’m really bored when I watch any of the Helldivers videos, even those with myself introduced.

I’m using K&M, I don’t remember when last time I touch any controller.

Oh, I would love to! Haha, thank you. If I remember correctly, you have a PC that could run Helldivers as well. :hd_cyborgs: