'Destroy' Objectives (Video Guide)

Table of Contents

[0:41] Bug Nests

[1:32] Cyborg AA
└─[1:38] M-25 ‘Rumbler’
└─[2:15] REC-6 ‘Demolisher’
└─[2:41] MLS-4X ‘Commando’
└─[2:54] R-112 Recoilless Rifle / EAT-17
└─[3:06] Exosuits

[3:48] Illuminate Beacons
└─[3:59] REC-6 ‘Demolisher’
└─[4:19] M-25 ‘Rumbler’
└─[4:36] NUX-233 Hellbomb vs ‘Shredder’ Missile Strike


‘Destroy’ Objectives

‘Destroy’ Objectives can be completed
with the designated NUX-223 Hellbomb,

however, this is far from
being your only option.

In fact, almost any form of anti-tank
will work against their weak points.

Bug Nests

Bug Nests are the easiest to complete
of the three ‘Destroy’ objective types
due to the fact that there are no particular
points of defense or inaccessibility.

Because of this, Bug Nests are open to the
largest variety of options when compared to
the other two ‘Destroy’ objective types.

Such as well-placed Close Air Support

or a M-25 ‘Rumbler’ trick shot.

And although its missiles
will not target objectives,

with correct spacing, even the MLS-4X
‘Commando’ can be used to destroy nests.

These are only a few examples,

but nearly all forms of anti-tank will work.

Cyborg AA

The Cyborg AA weak point is at its base
and is confined closely to its center.

The Cyborg AA weak point is at its base
and is confined closely to its center.

Hitting the top of the AA will have no
effect, regardless of how many of the
three M-25 ‘Rumbler’ shells have hit it,

or how many times it has been hit.

Any of the three shells are capable
destroying the AA by itself,

but in this example, this is the only shell
that matters since it is the only one
that hits the base of the AA.

Even if all three shells hit the AA, it
will not be destroyed if none of the
shells hit its weak point.

Avoid letting your REC-6 ‘Demolisher’
bounce off of the AA or detonate in the air.

Ideally, your REC-6 ‘Demolisher’ should land
on the ground directly under the AA.

This is perhaps one of the more challenging
ways to complete Destroy objectives.

Because it is a form of anti-tank, the
MLS-4X ‘Commando’ is potentially
capable of destroying Cyborg AA.

However, due to inaccessibility
of the AA’s weak point,

this method remains impractical as there
is currently no known way to do this.

As you may expect, traditional anti-tank
weapons such as the RL-112 Recoilless
Rifle or EAT-17 can be used as well.

Of course, an EXO-51 ‘Lumberer’ can destroy
AA objectives with its 90mm cannon,

but if angled and positioned correctly,

Cyborg AA can even be destroyed with
certain Exosuits by simply walking
into them.

It can be quite difficult, and there are
two Exosuits this can be done with:

EXO-51 ‘Lumberer’

and EXO-48 ‘Obsidian’.

This technique is not known to be
possible with the EXO-44 ‘Stomper’

nor to be possible against any of
the other ‘Destroy’ objective types.

Illuminate Beacons

Although they work the exact same
way as Cyborg AA in theory,

Illuminate beacons are slightly larger,
making their weak points more difficult to
access with certain weaponry.

In the case of the REC-6 ‘Demolisher’, it can
often be difficult to lodge a charge under
the beacon without it bouncing off of
the beacon itself,

however, it can still be done the
same way as with the Cyborg AA.

When using the M-25 ‘Rumbler’ against
either Cyborg AA or Illuminate beacons,

some players may find it easier
to aim slightly to the side.

NUX-223 Hellbomb
‘Shredder’ Missile Strike

A Hellbomb will only destroy the beacons’
shields if they are not removed first,

while a Shredder will destroy the
beacons and shields completely.

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