Developer Page LIVE on Steam

You can now follow these excellent folks :arrowhead_black: :arrowhead_white: on Steam get on it:

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Ah, beat me to the punch ;D I’m still trying to make the page prettier, having some troubles at the moment. Will bump the thread again (and probably put out on our social media) when it is a bit better!

Did Steam notify you of this, or how did you discover it? :open_mouth: I wish they had an invisible feature until devs want it to go live!

Actually I just realized now they did have a “hidden” option! My bad for not checking it. But it makes me work on the page more quickly this way, hehe.

Im sorry! :open_mouth: Um Ive been combing Developer Pages of all my fave devs since the feature went live basically and I just happen to have both helldivers and and Gauntlet installed so it was no problem to follow the links… I havent had internet for about a week so ive been surfing like a madman :ocean: Fe3el free to delete this thread if you dont want it known yet but the way i look at it the sooner you go live the better.

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No, it’s no problem at all, don’t feel bad! :slight_smile: It was a good prompt for me to try again. I actually managed to solve my problem now, which was interesting. It seems like Steam is un-editable if I am using Chrome…:thinking: I can use Firefox instead but it’s annoying. I may message Steam about this.

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