DLC/Game Update Suggestion: Black Ops/Undercover inside ship missions


Hey, there.

Did you guys ever wonder what happens in space while Helldivers on planets fight their way through aliens and stuff? I keep imagining gigantic battles between ships from both races. I guess, while Helldivers fight to neutralize and secure objectives that will give them great advantage in the war, the real war is fought in space.

With that in mind, I kept thinking about stealth missions that you do inside enemy ship.

Main asppects about these missions:

  • Precise, Stealth and fast paced
  • Alerting enemy is a BIGGER mistake than doing it in the main game
  • Dead Helldivers can only reappear in certain points of the ship
  • Ships have narrow spaces and poor field vision
  • Stratagems are replaced by Op Tools, quicker to user, with less typing
  • You don’t know what waits for you in the next corner

Soldiers will be working in the dark with almost no help from Superearth Command Center. They have to complete the objectives and escape trough the escape pods.

Objectives can be:

  • Steal top secret war changing data
  • Assassinate VIP
  • Change weapons targeting system
  • Stop ship engines

The tactical gameplay still remain, but more stealthy than the main game.

Completing these missions will generate a special bonus in the galactic war. It could be something like “You gain double influence points” for instance.

Anyway I’m just throwing some ideas and I’m not going to extend myself more than the necessary. Big fan of the game here, guys. Keep doing an amazing job and sorry for any bad english.

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Well, I would sound ALL the alarms!


A little out of place for Helldivers, would work better in some sort of a FPS spinoff.

And that’s not “Helldivers” if you get what I mean.


Again: great idea, but no chance it gets through.


Yea, I know what you mean. They aren’t actually diving anyware, it should be a whole new division for those kind of mission.

If they make a spin off, I just hope they dont follow the FPS road. Too games in this genre, and I think the humouristic factor would be lost.


What do you think of this? Some missions are top secret, meaning that you only have a limited number of revives for allies and limited ammo. The reason for this is (according to the story) you do not want to draw too much attention from the enemy, keeping any traces of you being there at a all time low. Almost like a hard espionage mission which only occurs as often as a retaliatory strike.


I figure they could do this in a similar style to Gauntlet, since that was much more of an indoors and close-quarters environment with a bit of a puzzle aspect to it. There’s no way it’d be added to Helldivers, though, as support is all but cut off and it’d be a lot of work.


Yeah, I know, but its always good to share some opinion, specially in a place where dev can literally read your thoughts (ha ha).

I feel like I jumped in helldivers a little too late. I got the game in early 2016 and I’ve been playing ever since. Just hope the devs consider those threads when making a new game. Helldivers can be way bigger than it is right now.


fwiw, one of my suggestions in the stickied Steam suggestions thread was to have side missions inside a bug nest. The squad would all drop down a giant nest hole and battle bugs in underground caverns and cess pools and such.

If you recall Starcraft 20 years ago, they had these brief side missions where instead of being a base-building RTS, you just led a small group of space marines on side stuff. So I think my nest idea and the inside ship/black ops idea here could be that sort of brief detour type content, change of pace if you will.