DLC pack ideas

Last time DLCs were added was December 7 2015 or the games release date. So here are some ideas for new DLCs as a way to spice up things

Captain pack - for the lone rangers out there rejoice! super earth’s scientist have developed a new generation of combat droids with the latest AI technology to make the most efficient killing machine/ team mate
Strategem - Battlebots: occupies 2 strategem slots, only uses “liberator rifle”. they wont hesitate to fire at hostile targets so try not to stand in front of them

Stealth Ops pack - Tired of going around, guns blazing? Super Earth’s scientist have researched and fabricated what makes Stalkers Stalkers and have made a suit capable of cloaking and a weapon that goes with it. Best used for divers who go alone

Perk - CLOAK: you can camouflage yourself for a short duration decreasing the chance of being spotted
Weapon - DAGGER: twin blades with cutting edge technology capable of slicing through thick armor. Best used with the CLOAK to surprise your enemies.
a silenced semi-automatic rifle with an upgrade scanner capable of detecting vulnerable spots (provided if you aim). apart from the “Ninja”, Designers made sure this is actually silenced this time

Raider pack: In and out as fast as possible, got it?

Strategem (Equipment) - Blitz exosuit: an exosuit capable of traversing flat terrain with good speed, It’s also equipped with the latest data-transmitter to capture objectives fast. It offers little to no armor but atleast its better than nothing

Weapon - Thunder: a high-powered burst-fire rifle with bullets capable of ripping through medium to low armored targets and spreading shrapnel around them, in exchange it has a low fire rate

Illusionist pack: these new equipment will help you survive slightly longer when you just don’t have the time to do tactical repositioning

Strategem (equipment) - Mirage: when you get mortally wounded or close to being downed, it spawns a hologram of you to take your place as you phase out a bit to reposition yourself

Weapon - Broomstick: Say hello to my little friend! empties clip in 3 seconds. A brand new SMG with an extremely high fire-rate but slightly inaccurate hence the name broomstick. good for wiping out crowds of unarmored enemies