Lately i have been thinking on getting my second dlc for helldivers, i already have all terrain but what else should i get?

Honestly, you should get all the DLC because everything is really good.

Or, I don’t know, let everyone know what your playstyle is and what you enjoy doing the most in Helldivers, so that people can give you recommendations.

I suppose I should recommend you get the pack that includes the 3 weapons (Scorcher Plasma Rifle, Rumbler, and Dum-Dum) because they are all really good and 1 of them even got buffed with the new update.

i personally like stunning and supplying and trying to take out enemies if nobody else can

if you are not maxed out on samples i would say get the ranger pack with the UAV, it shows you where enemy patrols are, secret objetives, and samples when fully upgraded. it also comes with a nice armor and pretty good sniper.